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Raises Natural Gas Prices Up to 64%

The increase in natural gas prices keeps Juarenses in check, since despite it being the hot season, some receipts for this service are still higher than what they paid in winter, when they used heaters and heating.

The increases occur amid the high levels of inflation that Ciudad Juárez registers, adding to the family’s already battered economy.

Economists such as Alejandro Sandoval Murillo and Isaac Leobardo Sánchez Juárez said that the rise in the price of natural gas is related to the war between Russia and Ukraine, since the first country is the largest producer of that input in Europe, and so are the sanctions there. implemented to stop the invasion generated fuel shortages.

Because of this, the ‘maximum acquisition cost’ set by the Gas Natural de Juárez company – the only marketer on the border – went from 4.57 pesos in July last year to 7.50 in the same month this year, an increase of 64.11 percent first. cent, according to what could be calculated with the proceeds it delivers.

In January of this year the rate was 5.23 pesos, so far in 2022 the increase is 43.40 percent.

The cost of piped gas at home is made up of three charges: service, maximum gas price and volumetric rate.

The service charge remained at 20.09 pesos from last year, although the volumetric rate went from 3.09 pesos in July 2021 to 3.03 in the same period in 2022.

From paying less than 500 pesos in natural gas consumption in December for having the heater on every day, Rosalía Meza went to 533 pesos last July, when her consumption was reduced to the use of the stove and boiler.

As shown in their receipts, in December the consumption of 53 cubic meters was 277.19 pesos, giving a total of 495.64 pesos, adding the service charge and the volumetric rate.

Although the July receipt shows a consumption of 45 cubic meters, with a total of 533.45 pesos.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), last July accumulated a 43.12 percent increase in domestic natural gas, the highest rate for a similar period in the record since 2011.

With this figure, this domestic service was the most expensive and had the highest frequency in the 9.55 percent registered in general during July, which exceeds the 15.19 percent that occurred in food.

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