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Let’s plan a business management that is committed to air quality, green and sustainable

Let’s plan a business management that is committed to air quality, green and sustainable

Atmospheric pollution and the acceleration of global warming are two of the great urgency of the 21st century. It is impossible to conceive of progress without environmental responsibility and a clear and visible commitment to care for the territory, which is the why companies must have agendas and public conversations related to sustainability as the main axis of management. the top of the form

As a society we cannot expect the government to technically solve the problem of air pollution, but we must internalize and raise awareness, and help with small actions to the solution. In this sense, every citizen can influence the improvement of air quality with habits such as: msustainable mobility, responsible consumption, clean energy y separation of waste; and those of us who are leaders promote the building of biodiversity and green spaces with an active, conscious citizenry to stop environmental threats from materializing.

For that reason, I accept the responsibility to talk about the use of the natural gas don electricity generation and how transportation fuel, basics for reduce pollutant emissions which affects the air quality, especially in urban areas. The reason: it’s a fossil fuel with fewer emissions.

According to a report prepared by the International Gas Union (IGU), in 2050 approximately 60% of the world’s population will live in large cities. These are some of the data that lead international and local authorities to search for huge alternatives to improve air quality, options in which natural gas is very present.

In this context, the use of natural gas in different areas is presented as a a real solution to the problem of air pollutionit is not in vain that the fossil fuel is the most environmentally friendly with CO2 emissions 30% less than Diesel and 24% less than gasoline and no impurities no waste, then solid particles do not emit; As well as making vehicle engines quieter, which will reduce noise pollution.

Transport is the main cause of pollution in cities with a percentage of 51%, so it is very relevant to encourage the use of environmentally friendly fuels such as natural gas and limit the use of the most polluting. Currently, the demand for this fuel is increasing rapidly, for this reason the big cities are starting to incorporate natural gas into their public transport.

An example is the city of Madrid, one of the most affected by pollution in Spain, which was forced in 2021 to activate the pollution protocol. This year a fleet of 170 buses powered by natural gas was made available to reduce pollution. Barcelona, ​​another of the most polluted cities in Spain, has a fleet of taxis that run on natural gas, and in the case of Colombia, Bogotá currently has more than 2,129 feeders, articulated vehicles and buses that are part of Transmilenio. or the Integrated Transport System, as a response or plan to mitigate air pollution in the capital.

The contribution of natural gas to improving air quality

Natural gas is a clean energy An ally to reduce pollution in cities, it helps reduce harmful emissions and offers high flexibility for use in areas as diverse as industry, electricity generation, heating or urban transport. Currently, this energy source has lower CO2 emissions than other fuels, in addition to its high standards of quality and efficiency on a general level. it is the best alliance for homes, industries, businesses, transport and other sectors of the economy. In Colombia, it is provided without interruption 24 hours a day, throughout the year to more than 10 million families. It is also economical and sustainable.

To take advantage of all the possible benefits, it would be advisable to develop the necessary infrastructures to achieve its definitive rise as an automotive fuel. From the company I lead for the distribution of natural gas in the coffee region, we are promoting projects to improve the air quality of cities and contribute to carbon reduction and the implementation of alternative energy, which ensures a future in which it exists. it is possible to breathe without endangering health and life.

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