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Demand for natural gas for electricity generation surpasses its historical record for the second day

Yesterday, the demand for natural gas for electricity generation in Spain broke a historic record for the second day in a row. It reached 770 GWhmore than the maximum of 764 GWh registered the day before, as Enagás reported.

The gas system operator explained that the growth in demand for natural gas for electricity generation is mainly driven by the recorded high temperatures due to the effect of the heat wavewhich means an increase in electricity consumption.

We need to add the same reasons for the previous day’s record to this: low hydraulics, wind and also photovoltaic and thermoset generationbecause of the Clear.

This was caused on the third day of implementation of the Iberian exception, electricity became more expensive by 4% to 266.38 euro / MWh. The adjustment for combined cycles was 88.48 euro / MWh.

For the day of demand for gas is expected to decline today due to the small increase in wind, photovoltaic and solar thermal generation, it is lower than the previous two days. While the share of combined cycles in the energy mix is ​​expected to be lower than yesterday, it will continue to be a key production technology, well above renewable sources.

“It is relevant to emphasize the strategic role of gas, through combined cycles, when it comes to avoid dropping our electrical system in extreme situations like the current one, due to its high flexibility and efficiency in guaranteeing supply to homes and industries “, stressed the Sedigas gas employers’ association.

By sector, due to the unavailability of renewable energy (as we look these days due to meteorological factors, usually in the summer season or during periods of minimum winter temperatures) “backup generation capacity is required, which offers a constant supply and gives the electrical system stability, “he says. From Sedigas they defend that their role will continue as essential in the process of energy transfer in support of the massive integration of renewable energy.


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