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They develop a new material that can kill superbugs

Bacteria can be great allies for human health (for example, those that aid in basic digestion), but they are also one of the main threats that we can face. In hospital centers and, in general, in those places related to health, this is more visible, so the development of products that help to protect patients and the medical staff against possible infections by these pathogens is constantly underway.

A mixture of luxury

From Canada, and specifically from the city of Vancouver, comes the news that the University of British Columbia (UBC) is developing its a shield created from copper and zinc which could reach hospitals in a short time. It is a product that can kill bacteria by breaking their cell barrier, taking advantage of the antibacterial properties of these elements. And, according to the Interesting Engineering website, this is because the combination of the chosen materials help each other, since zinc has the ability to oxidize when in the presence of copper, which allows kill bacteria faster nor if the product was only copper.

According to the team developing the shield, it can kill 99.7% of the bacteria staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus), which is usually the the cause of infections contract i Hospital centers and it can be resistant to antibiotics, in an hour, using only copper, it would take twice as long to achieve the same result. According to Dr Amanda Clifford, who is leading the project, “Not only does the coating kill pathogens faster than pure copper, but it Antibiotics help stay effective“. Dr. Clifford also notes in a publication that the use of this coating is aimed at areas where bacteria with greater resistance to antibiotics can cause a problem.

From the UBC website, the engineering team working on the coating is also working to ensure that it retains its antibacterial properties even after being exposed to disinfectants and cleaning products used in hospitals.

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