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The dollar has broken the 900 pesos barrier, and copper drops for at least 16 months radagram-biotv

The dollar broke the 900 pesos barrier, and the price of copper closed with a new fall, settling for at least 16 months.

At this time the Copper Workers’ Federation continues to meet with the Codelco board to draft an agreed protocol for settling the strike at the national level.

Codelco workers from El Teniente raised the barrier to access to the mine among the divisions due to the continuity of the mobilization.

The government will call for a new extension of the State Exception in the Macrozone South.

One of those convicted of the murder of member of the public Camilo Catrillanca was left under supervised decomposition. This is a former corpse of Carabineros Braulio Valenzuela.

The Navy filed a criminal complaint against prosecutor Nelson Vigueras, who was in charge of investigating the death of community member Yordan Llempi.

The 15-year-old teenager starred in a cinematic persecution following a trap that occurred in the Chicureo sector in Colina.

The storm in Valparaiso Region left 4 submarines, 2 stranded boats and burst roofs

AT THIS PERIOD, the Convention votes on the preliminary proposal to have the draft of the new Constitution – if approved. The situation is uncertain, since there is still skepticism in the various groups.

Some traditionalists from the PS and the Broad Front believe that President Gabriel Boric’s remarks are “realistic”, having argued that the outcome of the exit polls will be “obviously narrow”. They hope that the forecasts will be reversed.

European Union leaders have launched a two-day summit in which they and Ukraine and Moldova are expected to be awarded EU candidate status.

Between 5,000 and 7,000 Ukrainian soldiers have run out of supplies in Lisichansk, the last Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Lugansk region.

Iran’s foreign minister called for the lifting of U.S. economic sanctions to save the 2015 nuclear deal.

Government-ordered internet blackouts are serious attacks on human rights, the United Nations Office for Human Rights said.

Universidad Católica confirmed the signing of Mauricio Isla, who was happy to join the club where he started playing soccer at the age of 9.

Colo Colo plays at six in the afternoon against Deportes Temuco defining the first ranking to the 16th round of the Chile Cup.

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