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Policy holders ask IPS to collect State debt rather than asking for a bigger budget

“There is a debt of US$250 million owed to drug suppliers, which is riddled with irregularities because many drugs have expired, amounting to over US$100 million. On the other hand, why not talk about the historical debt that the State has with the pension related to contributions? At this time, this debt reaches US$ 450 million. Likewise, the State has another debt related to the care provided by the IPS to uninsured people that reaches G. 400,000 million, according to the calculations made, “said López in an interview with Nuestra Mañana .with TV and radio Union La Union.

He pointed out that what they reject is that the IPS budget be “dried dry” because “ultimately it will affect the retirement funds.”

“We cannot be against improving the dignity of co-workers’ wages, but what we cannot agree on is that it takes the easy way to address these demands. We do not believe that it is the way”, criticized López.


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