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He was surprised by a copper cable he stole from public lighting

He was surprised by a copper cable he stole from public lighting

Guardia Urbana arrested a 47-year-old man yesterday morning accused of stealing public lighting wiring. He was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the robbery crimes by force and damage.

The events took place at 1.00am, when a citizen notified Urbana about two men lighting wires on a farm located in the Pardinyes Altes area. When the patrol arrived on the scene, they saw two men who had a fire that left a strong smell of plastic on fire.

They asked them about the origin of the cable they were burning. One of them explained that he was responsible for the fire but could not prove the basis of the wiring. Urban residents noticed that they were more prepared to burn and confirmed that it was used for public lighting cable and reportedly stolen.

increase in cases

The theft of public lighting wiring in the capital Segrià has declined. Last year it cost the Paeria about 256,000 euros to replace it and in January another 32,000 euros were damaged. In this sense, the city council seeks the cooperation of citizens to find the authors.

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