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Copper route: Panizza’s lawyer confirms seizure does not amount to material stolen from Telecom

The Federal Police seized about seven tons of copper in raids that took place in a junkyard located in Independencia at 3100 and at the house of its owner, known as Jonathan Panizza, in Santa Lucía.

This Thursday, i radio quarantinePanizza’s lawyer, Sergio Villarruel, has confirmed that they can prove the basis of the seized material and that it was not what was reported that the Telecom company was stolen.

“This starts in San Nicolás as a result of a complaint from the Telecom company, it derives in San Pedro from a supplier of Panizza in San Nicolás,” explained Villarruel, noting that the judicial procedure reached his client due to suspicion to be there. potential connection of the commercial link with that nicoleña firm.

The lawyer pointed out that there was a Federal Justice order to verify the presence of copper in the place and summoned representatives of the Telecom company to confirm in situ whether what was found coincided with what they had reported stolen. . Because they did not show up, the Police decided to bring everything to a warehouse in San Nicolás so that this verification could be done there.

“There are some cables that are specific to everything. With this brand and thickness and specific issues, Telecom is about to verify that they are not communication cables ”, said Villarruel.

The lawyer pointed out that the seized material is part of elements “partly purchased from a company that operated in the Thermoelectric plant, another from Coopser, Papel Prensa, Dycasa” and that they could create that initiative.

“If the people from Telecom had come, they would not have taken anything, because they are not telecommunication cables,” he said. “Everything is documented,” he confirmed and reported that his client buys “he knows the initiative and in large numbers.”

“They have to bring it back to them,” Villarruel said of the material seized by the Federal Police and transferred to St. Nicholas in a case labeled “damaging computer systems,” following the company’s complaint. Telecommunications.

“This could at least be a cover for the purchase of material of illicit origin, if proven to be the case, and not immediately dismissed,” explained the lawyer, adding: request the relevant material. expertise. “

He confirmed that “Jonathan Panizza’s wife had raised 1,800 dollars in the house, from savings, and the junkyard was 100 thousand pesos, which is money used to buy and from the sales made so far”.

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