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Anses: Update on AUH’s requirements for collecting a Food Card

This month a new increase in the Minimum Wage, Living and Mobile comes into effect (SMVM). The measure has an impact on various benefits set by the National Social Security Administration (Respect). For example, the requirements attached to the Universal Child Allowance (Ouch) and the food card.

The Food Card is a monthly payment subsidy granted within the framework of Argentina’s Plan Against Hunger.

This program is led by the Ministry of Social Development, which grants it according to Anses data. People who meet the requirements cannot process the benefit. That is, they must wait for the direct award to be made.

The plan applies to AUH holders who have children up to 14 years of age, inclusive and disabled; Pregnancy Allowance, if given from the third month of collection; and non-contributory pension (PNC) for mothers of 7 children.

Currently the card is no longer issued, the funds are credited to the social security account. The payment is joint with the monthly benefit. These funds can be used with the debit card or in cash.

Food Card Requirements

  • Being pregnant or children up to 14 years of age or disabled (no age limit).
  • Get the AUH, Pregnancy Allowance or PNC for mothers of 7 children.
  • Contra with updated personal and family information in Anses. This data can be verified by accessing the page of the organism with Social Security Key.

Meal Card Size

Sons Size
1 $9,000
2 $13,500
3 or more $18,000

How to know if it is charged

People interested in finding out if they get this subsidy should simply make an online enquiry. It must be done from the pension agency portal with the Social Security Key.

Within the site it is necessary to click on “Daughters and sons” y “My tasks”. Then you have to choose the period to consult.

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