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Anger among the residents of La Plata for the ‘copper thieves’

Lack of gas, waste of time and money. These are some of the consequences suffered by the residents of Conradh na Gaeilge At payment before a new wave of it steal “copper”.who especially want to take out gas meter. In the last few days there have been several complaints regarding various events related to the theft of these materials and even a man was stabbed.

The illegal sale of copper and other metals on the black market is an illegitimate outlet for those who do not consider the seriousness of their actions, and is a common problem. Last Wednesday, different houses in the capital of Buenos Aires they woke up without gas and the open gauge caps.

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“We’ll have to put bars on it. So it can’t be” said a neighbor who lives on 529th Street, between 8th and 9th, downtown skyscraper. “My mom was stolen the copper spout of the meter, they robbed the whole block“, he said, at the same time that he explained that he had already filed the complaint at a police station.

Most of the incidents were recorded in Toulouse, North Quarter y Barrio the tripe, among other points of the city. even the diary The day it was recorded that a group of criminals left without gas a large number of houses in the vicinity of 10 and 35 .

gas meter
Gas meter.

I spent 9 lux on extra partsI know we are different neighbors who have been robbed. We’re all in the same situation,” a man explained to the medium. “I haven’t called the gas man yet because I have to go to work“, he raised, indicating a state of frustration and anguish that still exists among the victims.

Between materials and labor, people end up paying between 10 thousand and 12 thousand pesos. Thieves usually work at night to avoid detection, and In addition to the tubes that the meters have, they usually take some plate or the copper that goes in the electrical cables..

Meanwhile, the Camuzzi company reported that these events are observed in other cities in the province of Buenos Aires, for example White Bay, Mar del Plata y Olabarriaamong others.

They stole his copper wires and stabbed him

In the famous seaside resort, 26 years old was stabbed in the ribs by at least three men who they stole his Copper cables that he was wearing According to reports, the victim was about to set them on fire.

The incident happened on Avenida na Polonia at 1800 and the man was urgently transferred in the SAME ambulance to the Interzonal Hospital, where he is still hospitalized in “reserved condition”, with left lung injury.

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Later, the authorities discovered that the young man involved had a significant criminal record threats, attempted robbery and simple sexual abuse, among other crimes, and he knew his attackers. The attackers who escaped with the cables have not yet been identified.

attempted robbery

In the vicinity of Mar del Plata de Malvinas Argentinas, also a strange fact happened. A group of criminals wanted the wires from utility poles to grip the copper and they finished up a potted pine tree.

Everything was recorded by a security camera in the area. It is seen how three subjects walk around the block and analyze how the pole rises. Then they come closer two other accomplices, one goes through the garbage and they gather in the corner. After, go back and steal the pot it was in front of a house.

They wanted to steal cables and this is not the first time they have tried it. Four garbage cans have already been stolen from us, among other things,” said the robbery victim Now Mar del Plata.

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