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The announcement of the law that created Adeas, the entity that will deepen financial inclusion, is promoted

After the Assembly of Deputies converted the project promoted by the Executive Branch into law, the Agency for Economic Development and Social Assistance (Adeas) will start work soon. The entity will replace the functions performed by the Social and Financial Fund of San Luis, it will promote credits to sectors that cannot accept them in commercial banking and it will manage official games of chance.

During its session on Wednesday, the Chamber of Deputies signed, by a majority, the project that already had the approval of the Senators and is now advancing its enactment into law. Among the objectives to be fulfilled by the new entity is the performance of active, passive and service financial activities with public or private entities and with individuals or legal entities.

At the same time, it will implement lines of credit that will favor the economic development of the people of San Luis, insurance operations as well as the management, control and administration of the official games of chance.

The Secretary of Finance, Cecilia Badaloni, explained the scope of the new entity that will replace the Social and Financial Fund of San Luis.

Ideas will be to continue the Social and Financial Fund of San Luis in all its faculties and functions.. Also, it incorporates new tools to reach those sectors that do not receive credit in commercial retail banking. And to be able to respond socially to help these residents. It also incorporates new financial tools, in line with new technologies and the times we live in,” the official said.

For her part, the head of the Social and Financial Fund of San Luis, Gretel Cali, reflected on the goals before Adeas, an organization that will soon lead.

“One of the objectives of the law is to implement credits for all those sectors that have access difficulties and through the experience of microcredits, around the reactivation policies implemented by the province, we were able to note that they the requests they contained. from people who have difficulties accessing credit and especially women. More than 55% of the applicants were women. Among the objectives is a gender perspective at the new lines of credit. That is something new and it is important to draw attention to it,” said Cali.

The State must implement tools for those who need it most and generate equality. On the other hand, the new entity will continue to regulate and implement official games of chance. But an article will also come into force which assumes that measures could be taken to promote responsible gambling. Although strong actions are already being taken to make the game a pastime, and not a pathological one, we will work around that problem,” said the official.

“The idea is to implement actions to address and accompany people who are going through this disease. We believe it is very important to continue working on it”, Cali closed.

Note, photos and videos: ANSL.

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