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Cajasur Banco appoints three new members of the board of directors

Cajasur Bank The IS an appointment of Eduardo Ruiz de Gordejuela Palacio, Ainara Arsuaga Uriarte and José Luis Unibaso Berrueta as new members of the board of directors of the entity, according to the relevant information sent today to the CNMV.

These appointments were preceded by a favorable report from the Appointments and Remuneration Committee of Cajasur, which also agreed to renew Francisco Javier García Lurueña for a new mandate, and in all previous cases for the statutorily provided six-year term.

Eduardo Ruiz de Gordejuela (1969) He has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the University of Commerce of Deusto, a Masters in Knowledge Management from the University of Deusto and a General Management program at IESE.

He has extensive professional experience, first at BBK and then at Kutxabank, where he is currently General Manager of the Retail Business. He is also the president of Fineco Sociedad de Valores SA

Ainara Arsuaga (1973) holds a doctorate in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of the Basque Country, where she is a teaching and research professor, with various periods in European and American universities as well. She has published many books and specialist reports, mainly as an Insurance actuary. She was a director of Kutxabank, in the period 2012/2016.

Jose Luis Unibaso (1953), holds a degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Bilbao, and in Law from the University of Deusto. His professional career was developed entirely in banking, mainly at BBK, where he was, among other positions, director of the Head Office, Head of Internal Audit and director of Internal Control.

Likewise, after the session of the Cajasur board of directors, the resignations presented by Xabier de Irala Estévez and Javier Ángel Guezuraga Borda to renew their mandate as members of the aforementioned board became effective, ceasing accordingly.

Therefore, the board of directors of Cajasur has been made by Francisco Javier Garcia Lurueña (President), Jose Alberto Barrena Llorente (CEO), Jose Luis Unibaso Berrueta (Coordinating Director) and as voices Ainara Arsuaga Uriarte, Fernando Martinez-Jorcano Eguiluz, Juan Maria Goncalves Roman and Edward Ruiz de Gordejuela Palace.

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