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World Mobile’s first mobile blockchain network to boost Zanzibar’s GDP

The ambitious partnership is part of World Mobile’s plan to provide connectivity to the entire population of Zanzibar by the end of 2023. Only about 20% of Tanzania uses the internet, according to the World Bank.

Ocean activities account for over 29% of Zanzibar’s GDP and employ about 33% of its workforce, but the region has not yet reached its full blue economy potential. The blue economy refers to the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, livelihoods and occupations, including sustainable marine energy, fisheries and shipping. For Zanzibar to gain rapid growth in these areas, it needs theinfrastructure technology to create more sustainable blue economy policies and improve communication between these companies. This infrastructure will be based on the blockchain with the objective of significantly increasing Zanzibar ‘s GDP.

L ‘operator Blockchain Network Mobile World, in partnership with the eGovernment Agency of Zanzibar (eGAZ), therefore announces the launch of free wifi internet access in all state agencies, ministries, local government offices, airport stops, ports, fish markets, offices / market city, municipal. / state housing estates, hospitals / clinics and any other publicly facing government institution. Schools are also the target, this will allow schools to communicate directly with the ministry through the EMIS system and at the same time act as a global mobile node where schools will earn a share of revenue from all users connected to the node. Not only does this solve connectivity issues for schools, but it will create a new revenue stream with the sign.

Over the first 60 days, the partnership will aim to connect the airport, ports and properties owned by the Zanzibar National Housing Corporation in the main island of Unguja, as part of World Mobile’s plan to provide population connectivity Zanzibar by the end of 2023.

Ambitious partnership

This is the first step in a partnership of an ambitious five-year plan that will significantly increase Zanzibar’s GDP, including the Blockchain Center of Excellence, an eGov solution that delivers digital identities and integration with government systems, revolutionizing the blue economy (improving the way the economy (fishing) and then apply this enhanced business approach in other industries. Zanzibar is about to become a blockchain hub in Africa, it has the potential as a blockchain technology and center of the future, starting to provide connectivity to people and businesses in the region.

World Mobile also launched string balloons as part of a network providing Internet coverage to two Tanzanian islands. The British company World Mobile is installing this hybrid network using aerastats, balloons connected to airwaves, which it says will provide almost complete coverage across the islands. Two solar-powered helium-filled balloons will be powered 300 meters (984 feet) above the earth and will have a broadcast range of approximately 70 kilometers (44 miles) each, using 3G and 4G frequencies to deliver their signal . The balloons can survive winds of up to 150 kilometers per hour (93 miles per hour) and stay in the air for up to 14 days before being refilled. The signal from an aerostat – used as a Low Altitude Platform (LAPS) – is sufficient for tasks such as internet browsing and email, says World Mobile.