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La Nación / Vision Bank is the headquarters of the national collection of Roof

Yesterday, in the South Plaza of Shopping del Sol, the presentation of the 14th edition of the national collection of Techo was held, the most important event of the NGO at the local level that will be held on September 2 and 3 at the headquarters of Vision Banco (Santa Teresa 3088 c/ Concejal Vargas) which, like every year, seeks to denounce and position the multidimensional problem of poverty in Paraguay.

In the presentation, Techo also announced the objectives of the 2022 campaign and the results achieved the previous year, as well as the collection and mobilization goal in 32 zones (21 of them in Central and 11 in Alto Paraná) with 128 points ( 112 in Central and 16 in Alto Paraná).

As its official bank, Vision announced the options through which customers and citizens in general will be able to make their contribution on various digital platforms and thus achieve a greater impact at the national level, such as: bank ATMs and those of the Bancard network (more of 1,000 throughout the country) with an exclusive button with the statement “Donation to the Roof”, the Mi Tienda Vision e-commerce platform and its traditional account called “A Roof for my country”, savings account No. 980,000 to make transfers, among other. The collection will be again in person with the necessary precautions due to the

covid-19, which seeks to mobilize more than 4,000 volunteers in Asunción, Greater Asunción, Caacupé and Alto Paraná and thus achieve the proposed goal so that Techo can continue with its programs and projects in the communities.


Vision Banco has been the official bank of Techo since 2009, an alliance that seeks to contribute to the quality of life of Paraguayan families in their right to decent housing. Within the framework of their work plan, they contemplate the execution of development plans in the communities and training in community centers, the construction of emergency housing and the construction of sanitary modules.

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