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La Nación / Huawei Band 7, the ideal smartwatch to lead a healthier and smarter life

Huawei’s new smartwatch offers a series of dedicated functions for users who seek to complement fitness life with technology through precise measurements, a music player and predetermined responses to messages and calls.

Finding a custom watch is not always an easy task. The needs of each user are so different that creating a single device that adapts to the needs of each person represents a challenge.

In this sense, Huawei created the Band 7, a smartwatch capable of making people’s lives easier by integrating the best tools to lead a healthier and more intelligent life.

The new generation has not only been improved in its design, but this new version is packed with technologies with which users can take full advantage of the fitness and health functions. With a 1.47-inch FullView screen in a body that does not exceed 10 millimeters thick, which makes it the firm’s thinnest physical activity monitor.

Huawei created the Band 7, a smartwatch capable of making the user’s life easier. Photo: Courtesy.

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Once linked to the smartphone it is possible to enjoy its intelligent functions. Users can control their phone’s music playback from the screen allowing them to pause or resume the playback of a song, as well as fast-forward or rewind tracks and control the volume.

They will also be able to receive notifications from their favorite applications directly on the wrist, respond to messages with quick responses allowing them to attend to important matters while keeping their hands busy.

In terms of fitness and health, it is capable of accurately monitoring the user’s heart rate 24 hours a day. This is thanks to the fact that its sapphire crystal back cover allows greater light penetration. It also allows the measurement of oxygen in the blood, which is a vital sign in health.

Thanks to its autonomy of up to 14 days, the Huawei Band 7 is perfect for health and training without users having to worry about charging it, just do it on a rest day for a couple of hours to enjoy all its benefits.

This watch helps you thrive in every way with sleep, hydration, and activity reminders, as well as personalized daily tasks that can be set in the Huawei Health app.

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