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Is a curl born? They pay dividends with Cedear to comply with the BCRA and have access to the official dollar

Ingenious were the financial directors of Ternium to settle your Values of Cedear to comply with the regulations of the end of July of the Central Bank, which decided to include the possession of these certificates in the availability limit of US$100,000 that companies that access the official foreign exchange market may have.

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There was a record volume of financial dollars for coverage

It had even arranged to include those instruments that cannot be traded neither in the 90 days prior nor in the 90 days following access to the official market.


To disarm your portfolio in Cedear, and not lose access to the MULC, in Terniumthat does not distribute profits since 2018, decided to distribute dividends to its shareholders and pay them in those titles.

“This is done so as not to have to sell the Cedears to accommodate Communication A 7552, which does not allow having more than US$100,000 to access the MULC. Many companies prefer to distribute dividends in kind rather than sell. this is perfect“, Warns Mauro Mazza, from Bull Market Brokers.

Ternium’s financial directors were ingenious in liquidating their Cedear stock to comply with the Central Bank’s end-of-July regulations, which decided to include the holding of these certificates in the US$100,000 availability limit that companies that access the official foreign exchange market.


Indeed, the shareholders meeting decided to have the payment of a dividend in kind in favor of all the holders of shares representative of the capital stock, through the partial reversal of the reserve for future dividends for a total amount of $39,341 million, which represents 871% of the capital stock currently in circulation of $4,517 million, equivalent to $8.71 per share, whose payment will be made available to shareholders starting next Tuesday.

Santiago Abdala, director of PPI, links the new regulation of the Cedear with the drop in the implicit exchange rates: “The drop that the different types of dollar have been experiencing was due to a succession of events. When the new regulation came out that prevented maintain Cedear for the companies that access the MULC (those that import at the official exchange rate), we began to observe that there were large orders to purchase bonds”.

Among the most attractive Cedear, highlights Ford, which started to invest strongly in the electric vehicle industry, so it also offers the possibility of having exposure in this sector.

Maximiliano Donzelli, head of Research at IOL investonline, explains that Cedears usually require low amounts to buy them, which makes it possible to create a diversified portfolioand a mechanism where the investor can dollarize his portfolio.


Among the most attractive Cedear, Ford stands out, which began to invest heavily in the electric vehicle industry, which also offers the possibility of having exposure in this sector. On the other hand, there is also Airbnb, the accommodation platform that has revolutionized tourism.

In third place, the Argentine company Satellogic, which is dedicated to the manufacture of nanosatellites for observing the earth in the low orbit of the planet. At the beginning of the year, the company signed an agreement with SpaceX to put its satellites, which are designed in Argentina and built in Uruguay, into space.

new batch

There is a new round of Cedear approved by the CNV that began trading, where the arrival of more alternatives in the world of cryptocurrencies stands out.

In June, the coin base, but now, it will also be possible to invest in two Canadian companies that are dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies, which are Hut 8 Mining and Bitfarms.

Even though right now is not the best time to the digital currency industry it is a sector in which, until a few months ago, there were not many ways to invest in it through the local financial market.

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