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Dollar: the Government reduces the limit for purchases abroad through the door-to-door system

The Government reduced from US$3,000 to U$S1000 the limit for purchases abroad that are carried out through the so-called courier services or door to door. The measure ranges from this Friday to human and legal persons, resolved the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

He did it through general resolution 5260, published in the Official Gazette, in which it introduces changes in rules relating to import and export of merchandise by companies authorized as Postal/Courier Service Providers.

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The AFIP’s decision covers the purchases of products abroad, whose shipments are made through the mail, known as door to door. Seeks, as indicated in the preamble to the resolution, “the strengthening of actions of control and supervision executed in the different import regimes.

Measure is added to the end of the installments for purchases abroad of small shipments, which was ordered by the Central Bank (BCRA) at the end of June, and the surcharge for the dollar cardin force since July 14, is launched when the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, evaluates Greater restrictions on card spending abroad.

What does AFIP resolution 5260 say that limits purchases with “door to door”

The AFIP stated that in the door-to-door system detected operationswith irregularities, which led to infraction and/or criminal complaints”. For this reason, “it was decided to adopt measures aimed at promoting the protection of fiscal income.” He also argued that “it is necessary to update the current FOB values ​​for merchandise in view of the “current economic scenario and in order to avoid the denaturation of the regime in question”.

In this sense, it established that the new criteria apply to shipments that enter through a courier service “aimed at human or legal persons, made up of up to three units of the same species and do not presume commercial purpose, where the total weight of shipment is up to fifty kilograms and the FOB value of goods consigned to the same consignee do not exceed US$1,000 per flight.

The value for the cases of export for consumption was also modified in a simplified way: “The FOB value of the merchandise to be exported do not exceed US$3,000 for each sender of the shipment.

The Government reduced the amount per shipment for purchases abroad through the door-to-door system

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What products can be purchased through the “door to door” system

For the courier services You can buy merchandise for personal and non-commercial use such as groceries, clothing, toys, technological products, decorative objects.

The limits are now up to 50 kilos of weight and they cannot exceed US$1,000 final amount per flight. Small shipments are also capped at five per year for personal use.

The tax-free deductible remains in force at US$50. Once this limit is exceeded, a fee equivalent to 50% of the value of the imported good must be paid.

What other measures are analyzed to limit the bleeding of dollars for card expenses abroad

The reduced limit for purchases abroad through “door to door” services occurs at a time when the Government is analyzing alternatives to reduce the outflow of dollars for tourist expenses and purchases abroad.

In this sense, the economic team headed by Sergio Massa monitors the deficit of the tourist balance, which marked some US$750 million per month as of July, given the prospect that this red will increase given the expenses of the large number of Argentines who travel to the abroad, those who will attend the World Cup in November Qatar and in the summer holidays.

The measures for the dollar card that are still under evaluation can be summarized as follows:

  • Increase the Earnings surcharge on the dollar card or tourist. It would be around 7 points (to match the value to the blue dollar) therefore, the advance payment of the tax on the purchases abroad with a credit card would go to 52%.
  • Deactivate the return of Earnings withholding for foreign exchange expenses made by card. Until now, once a year, taxpayers of this tax, and those who are not reached, can process before the AFIP the refund of the perception for the purchase of savings dollars (35%) and with cards (45% since July) made in the previous fiscal period.
  • Establish that those who have expenses abroad a differentiated exchange rate, similar dollar MEP to meet those expenses. Today the financial exchange rate is about 20 pesos above the card.

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