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BBVA rewards several social organizations for sustainable projects

The BBVA delivered to the Parador Atlántico Hotel in Cádiz the Sustainable Future Awards to four entities that carry out social work in Andalusia and Extremadura. Specifically, the organizations that have received the cash donation from the bank are Cáritas de Cádiz, the Food Bank of Huelva, the Purísima Concepción Foundation of Granada and Placeat Plasencia. These four are part of the 23 in total that have been selected throughout the Spanish territory.

At the awards ceremony, which was led by the director of Diario de Cádiz, Jose Antonio Hidalgo; Directors and managers of BBVA, representatives of the selected entities, and the presence of the Bishop of the Diocese of Cádiz and Ceuta, were also present. Rafael Zornoza Boy.

In 2022, the BBVA Future Sustainable SRI fund has donated one million euros corresponding to a part of the Management Commission generated by the fund in 2021.

The selected projects are framed in three areas of action: social inclusion; dependency, elderly and health; and environment.

The total amount donated in the four editions of the call amounts to €3.2 million and the number of direct beneficiaries of the projects carried out or in execution with the donations amounts to more than 277,000.

The BBVA Sustainable Future SRI investment fund is aligned with the strategic priorities of the BBVA Group, fighting climate change and inequality through inclusive growth, both from the point of view of the management implemented in the fund’s portfolio (which is governed by Socially Responsible Investment criteria), and from its vocation as a “Solidarity Fund”.

The BBVA Sustainable Future Solidarity Call contributes to these objectives through the positive impact on society hand in hand with non-profit entities, which each year can make new social and environmental projects a reality to create a better future.

The act had a first block where there was a part of debate with different questions that were put on the table and where they intervened on the part of BBVA, Francisco Javier Jerez BasurcoSouth Territorial Director; Francis Garcia HiveGlobal Commercial Director at Seville Plaza Nueva; Y Luis Cerezo de Molinacommercial director with you Cádiz.

Jerez explained in his first speech the magnitude of the challenge of sustainability, of which he said that “it is one of the greatest disruptions that affects us all”. In this sense, he gave very significant figures, such as that it is estimated that to face the challenge of decarbonization it will be necessary to invest in technology in all sectors an investment volume of 275 billion dollars from now until 2050, which represents 8% of world GDP. The executive stated that most of this investment will be undertaken by the private sector: “At BBVA it has been one of our priorities for a long time: to help our clients in this transition with financing and advice.”

Francisco Javier Jerez recalled that BBVA was set in 2018 a goal of channeling 100,000 million euros of investment in sustainable financing until the year 2025 “which we reached quickly. For this reason, last year we doubled our objective to 200,000 million euros”.

This sustainability plan has three growth vectors that Jiménez Basurco listed: self-consumption to combat energy dependence; energy efficiency and electric mobility.

In this way, the BBVA has the largest and oldest solidarity fund in Spain, with assets of 2,278 million euros and 79,702 participants at the end of August this year, “in addition to the fact that the fund has a long-term return that is above the main funds in the industry with the same profile and same investment policy ”.

Lastly, he indicated that the vast majority of BBVA employees have received training in sustainabilitybeing the figure of 80% worldwide and higher in the south, where the percentage rises to 93%. Likewise, the employees also actively participate in the selection of the projects chosen for these awards.

In this strategic path of BBVA towards sustainability there has also been a change in the bank’s customers. Luis Cerezo de Molina explained that “customers can now have access to more information than a few years ago, among other things because a collective conscience has been awakened much more about the importance of sustainability, of supporting the fight against climate change and of contributing to decarbonization, among others. This is generating a social movement and greater information and knowledge in general”.

In his opinion, “this also affects investment funds. Clients are now better prepared to decide what they want to invest in and, above all, they know that they want to invest with socially responsible criteria”.

Francisco García Colmena stressed that “clients know that with their investment in this fund they are contributing to something as important as inclusive growth.” For this reason, he warns that “the objective of the donations from the BBVA Future Sustainable SRI fund is to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability, also highlighting that the positive impact on society it should also be part of any sustainability strategy.”

And in those projects that are given a name and a face, they met at the Hotel Parador Atlántico, except for the one from Extremadura who did it through a videoconference.

One of the projects that has been selected is the Huelva Food Bank that responds to the name of ‘Much more than a job’ and is integrated into social inclusion. Your president, Francisco QuijadaHe argued that his organization reaches 16,000 beneficiaries “which unfortunately are increasing.” However, in addition to their main function of collecting and distributing food, since 2018 they have launched a program of training courses for unemployed people who need help. Among the training activities are those of a forklift driver, a warehouse worker. fishmonger, butcher and home care: “For the Food Bank it is a great administrative and economic effort and we do not have resources, so we have to be grateful for this help that will make it easier for us to take these courses.”

the of Diocesan Caritas of Cadiz it’s called ‘Inserta Cádiz. Neutrality of emissions’. One of the great legs of the work that is done through this organization is that it serves people with a lack of resources and that one of their main problems is unemployment. As explained by the general secretary of Cáritas de Cádiz, Jose Maria Espinar with the created society that handles the used clothing that is received, which must be treated with environmental criteria, “we are generating an employment opportunity and increasing the possibility of employability in other possible companies”.

The Immaculate Conception Foundation of Granadawhich works to support the group of people with intellectual disabilities and which has numerous centers of all kinds, has obtained the money through an initiative called “I give you health, I am capable, we learn together”. Antonio Linaresmanaging director of this organization, pointed out that the foundation has formed a limited company where 75 people already work “with which we want to be a benchmark in social inclusion with three stages: the economic, the environmental and the social.” In this sense, they are going to launch two workshops that will serve to train 800 people “and that will be a before and after in sustainability approaches”.

The association of Plasencia Please full inclusion has obtained the money for the program ‘EcoPlanet: Organic farming from the field to the pantry’ and also works in the field of people with intellectual disabilities. Manager Ramon Rubio He explained that they have carried out an organic farming project “and that it will also serve to promote the circular economy”.

Luis VadilloBBVA Asset Management’s Business Director for Europe, believes that “the BBVA Future Sustainable ISR fund is an example of this commitment: helping our clients in the transition to a more sustainable and inclusive world.” Therefore, “our ultimate goal is to transform all BBVA AM investment vehicles into sustainable investment solutions.”

Finally, he closed the act saying that “I prefer to work for people. Sustainability has not only an environmental part but also a social one. Not being sustainable is not an option.”

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