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“Argentina seeks fiscal balance with growth and more employment,” said Scioli in Brazil – Economy

The Minister of Productive Development, Daniel Scioli, highlighted today that Argentina seeks to “balance the accounts with greater expansion, the strengthening of the industry, the growth of the economy and the creation of employment”, within the framework of a commercial mission in Brazil. in which it seeks to close agreements to strengthen the growth of industries.

For Scioli, the Minister of Economy, Silvina Batakis, “seeks to balance the accounts on the positive side”, which means “greater expansion, industry, economic growth and job creation. There are two paths, adjustment or income growth. What we are looking for is the growth of the industries and that is why I am here in Brazil reaching these agreements”.

In this sense, the minister insisted: “The path is not the path of adjustment, it is the path of development. There is a very clear priority: national industry and Argentine work. That is what we are going to take care of and prioritize.”

Scioli also made reference to the relaxation of import conditions by highlighting the “joint work with the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economy” and described that during the visit to Brazil he obtained positive comments from “the automotive sectors so that they can export and access the foreign exchange market immediately.

Scioli participated in São Paulo in the commercial mission to Brazil organized by the province of Entre Ríos, and in this framework he led working meetings with the business leaders of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) and the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo. (Fiesp).

In addition, he met with executives from the automotive and knowledge economy sectors to strengthen bilateral productive integration and enhance business opportunities.

The minister stressed that the meetings in Brazil were very positive and that with the Brazilian Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, they agreed on the need for “there to be a consensus, support from Brazilian and Argentine industrial parties to implement this payment mechanism for local ways and let Argentina decompress the need to use immediate payment reserves”.

In turn, the minister praised trade integration with Brazil and highlighted “the commitment of the two countries to work together.”

“I talked about it with Lula and he said it publicly,” he revealed. We want to generate financial integration between our countries in the next stage, with energy, agri-food integration and a more harmonized industry. That is why the commitment of the two countries to work together joint”.

Along these lines, the official summarized that “the international context opens our eyes. For example, having its own fertilizer plant for the field and not depending on importing it when Argentina has a lot of potassium. All the demand for electromobility when Argentina has in terms of lithium, copper. They are inputs that electromobility demands.”

On the other hand, the minister pointed out that in the next 60 days “the need to import energy will decline and this will make it easier to further expand the availability of reserves to feed the entire production apparatus, mainly inputs and raw materials.”

During his first international trip as Minister of Productive Development, Scioli held a meeting with the automotive companies, who ratified the commitment to invest in Argentina.

“Toyota is on its way to breaking all production records with 180,000 vehicles per year, for which it is going to hire 1,000 new workers. 70% will be exported fundamentally to Brazil and twenty other countries”, stated the head of the productive portfolio.

From the meeting with Pirelli, the minister stated that the company “has the objective of manufacturing 400,000 motorcycle covers in a first stage, with an increase in production of more than 20% compared to last year. They took 400 new people in the last 18 months. This is the way”.

The official also met with Márcio de Lima Leite, president of the National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea).

“We are advancing in the integration and complementation of automotive production with Brazil. We agree that the automotive activity is a strategic sector for the industrial integration of both countries,” said the minister, who thanked the “support for carrying out the proposal for a possible structure of compensation of bilateral commercial operations”.

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