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The Central Bank closed the wheel with purchases of US$ 185 million


The Central Bank (BCRA) closed today’s session with purchases of US$ 185 million and added US$ 1,159 million in the weekwhich reached the fourteenth consecutive day of increase in reserves after implementation special exchange rate for soybean exports.

Today continued the path of September 6, when the monetary authority collected US$300 million, after the Ministry of Economy officially implemented the implementation of the exchange rate. 200 pesos per dollar for soybean exports until September 30 next.

The deal was agreed with the main export complexes, which promised to liquidate at least soybeans and derivatives US$ 5,000 million during the current month, an objective that was already achieved last Wednesday.

The amount processed in the soybean dollar segment today was more than US$ 331 millionexplained Gustavo Quintana, analyst at PR Corredores de Cambio.

“During the week the soybean dollar entered US$ 1,790 million and accumulated US$ 5,355 million in the month”,

Quintana specified.

Market sources estimated that since the beginning of the month, the monetary authority has already received more than US$ 3,320 million.

In the foreign exchange market, the price ofthe official dollar closed today at an average of $152.24with an increase of 60 cents compared to yesterday, and during the week it accumulated an increase of $2.07, equivalent to an increase of 1.37% compared to last Friday.

In the stock market, The dollar counted to liquidation (CCL) rises 0.3%, to $313.16y the MEP recorded an increase of 0.5%, i $304.56.

Meanwhile, in the so-called informal segment dollar «blue» advanced two pesos, to $287 per unit, which in the last five days is 10 pesos.

I the wholesale marketthe price of the US currency marked a rise of 32 cents compared to the last close, at $145.44and during the week it accumulated an increase of $1.92 (1.33%).

A) Yes, the dollar with a 30% surcharge -considered in the Country tax-, marked $197.91 on average per unit; and with the advance payment due to Income Tax of 35% on the purchase of foreign currency, the average value was $251.20.

Even though, the dollar allocated to overseas tourism – which has an integer of 45% – was $266.42.

The amount traded i the cash segment was US$ 667 millionin the futures sector of the Electronic Open Market (MAE) operations were registered for US$ 106 million and in the Rofex futures market US$ 522 million were traded.

Telam Agency.

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