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Soybean dollar: Bahillo assured that the tool will be improved to encourage producers to sell

Soybean dollar: Bahillo assured that the tool will be improved to encourage producers to sell


The Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahillo, confirmed that sand works to improve the available tool to encourage the producer to sell grains. “The Central Bank is working to improve the tool and we express the concern to the Minister (Economy) Sergio Massa who ordered it to be improved,” said the official in the framework of new anniversary of the Rosario Stock Exchange (BCR).

One of Bahillo’s priorities is to ensure that the product pays off and for this reason he wants it improve the “soybean dollar” instrument. The Central Bank implemented a tool for the producer to sell the grains and then he can make a fixed term connected official dollar with 70% and with 30% buy solidarity dollars.

“There will not be a differential dollar, the procedure of the tool established by the Central Bank will be improved,” he insisted when asked for more details. In that sense, he indicated that the adjustments will be analyzed by the monetary authority, but he promoted that the mechanism will be simplified.

In this sense, he defined it as confrontational and bureaucratic. “Our producers are not here to stand in line at banks, they are here to produce,” he insisted.

At the same time, he reviewed the most recent meetings with the Liaison Table and indicated that the objective was to establish an agenda of priorities with the different sectors. Regarding the roadmap, he mentioned the liquefaction of soybeans, export of meat, inputs and biofuels.

Bahillo was shown on the day of the BCR with a a message of dialogue and consensus. In this sense, he spoke of the role of the producer and its maintenance: “It is necessary to be profitable.”

In this way, the secretary talked about improving production processes to produce more. He referred to exports and declared that the exportable offer must be expanded.

He also indirectly referred to the equilibrium quantities by stating that the internal and external markets should be considered together. However, he said: “Until this issue is resolved, we will have to manage tension. It comes out with more production. “

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