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How much did it close this Thursday, September 22, 2022

It should be remembered that the monetary authority ordered on Monday that companies that sell soybeans through the Export Enhancement Program, ie They will not be able to access the purchase of the stock dollar -CCL or MEP- or the so called savings dollar. The measure does not include producers who sell soybeans but only the companies that do so.

Meanwhile, the dollars today -without taxes – 8 cents forward this Thursday, September 22 a $151.64 for saleaccording to the medium arising from the banks of the local financial system. At Banco Nación, meanwhile, the retail note increased by 25 cents and sold for $151 – excluding taxes.

In the parallel market, for his part, the Blue dollar fell $2 to $285 after Tuesday’s $10 jumpaccording to a survey of Scope in the caves of the city of Buenos Aires, in response to the implementation of a new stocks for soybean companies.

Dollar price savings, Thursday, September 22

The IS saving dollars the solidarity dollar-including 30% of the COUNTRY tax and a deductible of 35% Income Tax and of Personal property– won 14 cents a $250.21.

The price of the tourism dollar, Thursday, September 22

The IS tourist dollar or card -retailer plus COUNTRY Tax, and a 45% deductible attitude from the Income Tax and of Personal property– went up 14 cents $265.37. A) Yes, the gap with the blue reached almost $20.

Wholesale dollar price, Thursday, September 22

The IS dollar wholesaler, directly regulated by the BCRA, an increase of 27 cents a $145.16.

Dollar exchange rate CCLThursday, September 22

The IS dollars Contado le Liquidação (CCL)– working with the Global 2030- rose 2% a $312.16, a new high in nearly two months. Thus the gap with the official wholesale exchange rate reached 115%.

MEP dollar pricesThursday, September 22

The IS MEP dollars -valued by Global 2030- increased 0.7% to $302.19. Therefore, the spread reached the officer 108%.

Blue dollar price, Thursday, September 22

The IS Blue dollar It fell $2 to $285according to s field survey in the Black Currency Market. Even though, the gap with the official dollar was located at 96.3%.

The price of the crypto dollar, Thursday, September 22

The crypto dollar the Bitcoin dollar earnings 0.2% to $304.40, based on the average among local exchanges reported by Coinmonitor.

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