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Berlin does not rule out seizure of Russian central bank assets – Handelsblatt

Berlin German Finance Minister Christian Lindner is open to the idea of ​​seizing Russian state assets to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine, he said in an interview with German business daily Handelsblatt and through other European newspapers.

“I am politically open to the idea of ​​seizing the foreign assets of the Central Bank of Russia,” Lindner said, adding that proposals in this regard were already being discussed among the Group of Seven and the European Union.

“For private assets, we need to see what is legally possible,” Lindner said. “We must respect the rule of law, even if we are dealing with Russian oligarchs.”

With regard to the European Union’s fiscal policy, Lindner indicated that it could be open to a compromise on the future management of EU debt rules.

While he could not support reform with a relaxation of the Maastricht criteria – the backbone of EU fiscal rules – he said that “fiscal rules should be more realistic and effective”.

“The goal is for every economy to grow and have sustainable public finances. I recommend combining a more credible long-term debt reduction path with flexible medium-term goals, ”he said.

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