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Young entrepreneurs create luxury assistants business for soccer players – International Soccer – Sports

A new service is emerging for high-level footballers, it’s kind of assistants who help them with their free time, shopping, scheduling appointments and organizing holidays, and the most exclusive and most difficult to access.

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This is a business opportunity launched by three young entrepreneurs from the Netherlands.

According to Spanish outlet MP Emmanuel Ntow (25), Ward Struwer (24) and Mitchel Spel (21) as “lifestyle managers”, these three men founded the company ‘Amslux’ in 2019 to supply the soccer stars ” 360 degree attention in their free time ”.

The entrepreneurs became aware of a business option they might be exploring by contacting the players, who were sometimes looking for an exclusive item or suddenly needed to rent an air vehicle for a family time trial participation or organize a last minute vacation because the competition changed their plans.

The applications started with luxury shoes and in this way they are getting all kinds of elements that a professional soccer player with high purchasing power might need.

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How did you get the business?

The youngsters say that they realized three years ago that they had a big problem with footballers, that the players went to the same holiday destination every year because they have very little time and knowledge to find something new. “This applies to all the services we provide to you. We provide time, information and comfort to players. We make sure that everything a player asks is taken care of. “They explained to the same medium.

Her service promises to get one element, covers 24 hours a day and gets personal attention. Her gallery speaks for itself.

The company works with some of them on a commission or flat fee of between € 500 a year and € 7,000 a year.

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