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Was the business from jail | A trial for drug trafficking begins against Morocho Mansilla

Was the business from jail | A trial for drug trafficking begins against Morocho Mansilla

The trial of Claudio “Morocho” Mansilla, the last fugitive captured after a cinematic escape from Piñero prison, will begin next Tuesday in the federal courts of this city. In this case, the prosecutor Federico Reynares Solari will accuse him of leading an organization dedicated to the sale of narcotics, from inside the prison itself, between 2018 and 2019.

The case began in the federal jurisdiction, based on the reception, at the Federal Court 4, of the actions derived from a search made at Calle Misiones No. 2283 in Rosario, which took place on December 24, 2019, in the investigation of the Public Ministry on the Cílos for the murder of Sergio Birri, which was carried out five days before, that of Sergio Giménez on Christmas Day itself, and the attempted murder of Catalina Aquino who victim. The investigative tasks were carried out by the Organized Crime Agency headed by Luis Schiappa Pietra and Matías Edery.

In this operation, Nahuel Córdoba was arrested and almost 4,900 kilograms of marijuana were seized as well as 122 grams of cocaine, as well as fractional elements, firearms and mobile phones.

Subsequently, from the investigation carried out by the MPA, which was added to the file, details emerged on other people involved, such as “Morocho” Mansilla, Ezequiel “Colo” Romero and Maximiliano “Menor” González.

“Then, through the results of the computer expertise and the investigative tasks on the homicides, it is discovered that a criminal organization was, at the same time as shooting and committing homicides, dedicated to the sale of narcotics, with a central person who provided them . from Piñero prison,” Reynares explained to Rosary/12. “The analysis of the content of the mobile phones allows us to confirm that the seized narcotic content is the example of activity that supports it much more, longer over time and carried out with an organization with defined roles,” said the prosecutor.

“In short, a criminal structure that was dedicated to building an organization from the administration of violence and the trade of narcotic substances, digitized from his place of detention, from the criminal quality, from the supremacy he enjoyed and relevant methods told Mansilla him. “, emphasized Reynares

Strictly speaking, Mansilla is accused as an organizer and the rest of the accused are accused as perpetrators of organized trafficking. The trial is before the Federal Oral Criminal Court number 3 of Rosario, composed of judges Mario Gambacorta (president), Eugenio Martínez and Osvaldo Facciano.

Reynares added that “the case was being worked on in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Prosecution, since these criminal phenomena go beyond traditional borders. The new criminal dynamics require new investigation and prosecution strategies.”

In the same way, the prosecutor pointed out that “the case had a trial date set a long time ago. With Mansilla’s arrest, the defense (who already knew the case because he represented defendants other) attempt to delay the start of the Regarding the Public Ministry, this reason is a strategic reason for the reasons that have been revealed, and therefore we confirm that it will be judged as soon as possible, which the Court made a room for. July 27,” said Reynares, that he leaves in his letter refusing to postpone the trial a critical point towards the exercise of the jurisdiction in which he works.

“As the holders of the criminal act and, therefore, the active subjects of the specific criminal policy, we expect the debate to be held on the original date, because we are part of a jurisdiction that has been questioned for not being able to interfere with gangs criminal in caused great concern in the citizenry and, even more, that it is lagging behind other jurisdictions of offices in terms of the objectives that should be pursued, one of the reasons that generated the results (or the lack of results). ) that we are questioning whether this Court has marked the completion of the case of ‘The Bosses’ in a timely manner and without delay, because doing so would mean violating a bureaucratic way of working, which is the paradigm shift it requires upon us, urgently, the decisive hour we must go through”, says the text signed by Reynares Solari at the bottom of the page.

“Morocho” Mansilla escaped, together with seven other prisoners from Piñero prison, on June 27, 2021, he was recaptured a month ago. The most wanted man in the province fell into the hands of the Special Organized Crime Investigation Unit, the elite police group created in the province in the last few days. The operation that allowed the arrest of Morocho Mansilla was carried out in Polledo at 4100, in the so-called Zone Zero, in the north of Rosario.

The escape of the eight Piñero prisoners took place on June 27, 2021, when a commando coup shot the prison unit. From Peugeot they shot with four firearms and broke the perimeter fence with a grinder. One of the accomplices was killed in the clashes, and eight prisoners escaped from the prison.

Mansilla, who was offered a reward of one million pesos by the province when he could not find it – despite the international arrest warrant -, was accused of instigating the escape, which left an accomplice who killed the prison staff when they went. providing external support with machine guns.

The “Morocho”, a high-profile prisoner, was accused of a crime and a few days after he escaped from prison with seven other prisoners, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison in absentia.