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The challenges and opportunities of the journalism business in the digital transformation

The same day of its premiere Google News Showcase with the aim of helping “quality journalism”, and helping the media to add value to their content, the meeting is taking place, also organized by Google The challenges and opportunities of the journalism business in the digital transformation”.

Francesca Clemares after taking the opportunity to, after almost ten years after the closure of Google News in Spain, to thank the representatives from the media who were present there, the reception received News Show which currently brings together 140 titles in Spain due to a commitment to verified and quality information requested of its members.

In Google’s commitment to offer quality content to users, Clemares recalled the more than 12 million dollars that the Californian company has invested in Spain, since 2018, to finance projects hand in hand with different media that improve the monetization of quality and content . An investment that is particularly focused on new ways of consuming content, without forgetting that the media cannot resist without making the content profitable.

Media is facing permanent change, digital transformation is a reality that is here to stay and we need to find out how to win or regain the trust of readers, the challenges of new ways of publishing content and subscription to bring, an era in which innovation and success can be achieved. with success and hope.

The action has a steering table Celia Villalobosdirector of agencies and Strategic Relations Google Spain, which includes media professionals Augusto González, director ‘The Chronicle of Guadalajara‘; Alejandro Laso, CEO’The secret‘; and Verónica Milo, Product Director of ‘The Spaniards‘, and Miguel Madrid, Chief Digital Officer of the Irish League Henneo.

News Show coming to Spain

Google’s new platform has more than 1,700 news outlets and is the product shipped in more than 18 countries. It includes Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Colombia, Germany, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Portugal, Italy and Argentina. All through Showcase News, which online licensed content programheld from 22 September.

He has the participation of ‘Diariocritico’, ‘Madridiario’ and a full front of it 60 means which together represent more than 140 publications.

How does Showcase work?

News Show panels provide participating media new ways to reach readers with important news, told in your own voice and with more direct control over the presentation and brand image.

These panels will begin to be seen in Google News for Android, iOS and the weband i Find out for iOS and Android.

They refer to readers full articles from the respective publications’ websitescreating an opportunity to deepen your relationship with readers.

Access for readers to some paid content from participating media

As part of the license agreements with News Showcase publishers, the news media is paid a certain amount for offer readers access to a limited amount of paid content.

This functionality provides an opportunity for readers read more articles from a given medium than would otherwise be allowed. This will help them gain a better understanding of the publication and ultimately convert new subscriptions.

Author: IEF