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Pascual increases its turnover by 9% to almost 700 million

Pascual closed last year with a turnover of 697 million euros, 9% higher than in 2020 consolidate the company’s sustainable growth in a very adverse environment. After an exercise in 2020 that was completely affected by the pandemic, In 2021, the company’s sales have increased significantly, largely thanks to the growth of the Horeca channel.

The gross operating result (EBITDA) reached 42.8 million euros, affected by the increase in energy, raw material and transport costs. The company points out that it “decided not to significantly transfer production cost overruns to the consumer, demonstrating its commitment to the family economy in times of high inflation.” Pascual also continued to adjust its financial leverage reduce corporate debt by 3% to 120 million euros.

Tomás Pascual: “In 2022 we will continue to work to consolidate our growth, despite the bad economic situation in the world”

For Tomás Pascual, president of Pascual, “we have recovered the level of income and we are happy to continue relying on the trust of a loyal consumer who believes in our brands and shows it every day. In 2022 we continue to work to consolidate our growth, despite the bad global economic situation.”

The consumption of more natural and local products, the proliferation of omnichannel and digital channels, innovation to respond to new consumer needs or the opportunities linked to international development are some of the levers on which the company’s strategy is in 2021 with continuity in the current year.

The Pascual Corporation integrates all its brands throughout the The company’s purpose ‘Give the best for the future of food’, which is detailed in three major commitments: Welfare, Development and Environment.


In 2021, Pascual maintained its commitment to wellness and health, improved the nutritional profile of the portfolio of all its brands, as well as guaranteeing the quality and safety of food in the context of sports and promoting the active life. The NAOS Strategy Award for Best Business Initiative in 2021 was awarded to Pascual’s Nutrient Profiles Model as a reward for this effort.

Thanks to this model, the company balances the nutritional composition of all its references according to the real needs of each type of consumer. The development of the Nutritional Profiles Model has already led to important advances in products such as Bifrutas Natural, Vivesoy Avena, Pascual Shakes, Leche Pascual Calcio or Mocay “on the go” cups, among others. In addition, the company makes it easier for the consumer to make a purchase decision with a label that includes complementary information about the product, representing an additional step in transparency regarding nutritional quality.


With a workforce of 2,244 employees distributed in 7 factories, 26 delegations, central offices and agricultural environments, in 2021 Pascual tackled the adaptation of telework to the different stages and intensities of the crisis. This working method has been consolidated in the organization with surveys, analyzes and recommendations regarding measures to use it in the best possible way.

The Pascual Corporation integrates all its brands around the company’s purpose ‘Give the best for the future of food’, which is expressed in three major commitments: Wellness, Development and Environment

Likewise, the new system for measuring employee voice has provided consolidated information for decision-making and fostered recognition among colleagues. Pascual renewed the 2021 GPTW (Great Place to Work) certification, another input for listening and improvement; as well as being the first company in the dairy industry to receive ABS certification Quality Assessment (ABS QE) of its Equality Plan, which proves that there is no salary inequality due to gender. The corporation also holds an EFR (Family Responsible Company) Certification from the Más Familia Foundation with an Excellent A rating.

Pascual emphasizes that it promotes its responsible value chain and it works to consolidate stable and lasting relationships with its suppliers and customers as shown by the buying 100% local milk, working on advice and continuous improvement of family farms with stable and long-term contracts. The Welfair Animal Welfare certificate, a guarantee of quality for the products it manufactures at its facilities, has been extended in 2021 to cream and butter, at all the company’s supplier farms, so that it is possible all the dairy products produced by the company have the Animal Welfare seal.

secondly, Vivesoy in 2021 is the only brand of vegetable drinks whose cultivation is all 100% local, now certified by AENOR. Pascual promotes local cultivation together with local farmers, through direct contracts before planting, in Castilla y León, Extremadura, Aragón, Navarra and Catalonia.

In 2021 Pascual continued to be attentive to the needs of his clients, especially in the hospitality sector, which has been hit so hard by the pandemic. Highlights of the the Kitchen Academy program was launched to promote training in the Horeca sector through workshops and events at the service of the hotel.

The corporation too it intensified its relations with the social entities of the Third Sector declared public utility, Fundación ONLY; Red Cross; Fesbal, Fundación A la Par and Cáritas. Finally, the Tomás Pascual and Pilar Gómez-Cuétara Foundation supported the construction of ten water wells in six African countries, with an impact on 8,972 beneficiaries, and the Values ​​Research Center (CIVSEM), associated with the foundation, developed six . program and 1,413 coaching sessions in which 896 people participated.


During 2021 Pascual designed his strategic lines new environmental cycle 2025-2030 with the aim of minimizing the impact of its activity and to support the circular economy from sustainable operations.

At the same time, Pascual continued to make strides towards his goals of environmental sustainability, becoming the the first company in the dairy industry to register its scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for 2020 with the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC).

On the other hand, the corporation achieved in 2021 the objectives set for its sustainable packaging strategy in its so-called Bezoya mineral water brand ‘Bezoya compromise’, with which the company manufactures all its bottles with recycled plastic (rPET)advancing the target originally set for the year 2022. Thanks to circularity, Bezoya last year around 7,000 tonnes of plastic were reusedeither, which is equivalent to approximately 280 million 1.5 liter bottles of water. the brand too It has announced that it will be carbon neutral for 2022.

In addition, Pascual continues to implement sustainable innovation in the packaging of other brands, launching in 2021 the first bottle of milk in Spain made with vegetable materials from vegetable resin produced with cane sugar.

At the end, Bifrutas was consolidated last year as the most sustainable brand in its category. The juice brand is applying its circular and recyclable policy to all the components of its packaging, from the bricks themselves (200 ml, 330 ml and 1 L) to the straws, not forgetting the plastic shrink-wrap used to group the parts. packaging. In this way, together, it manages to save more than 450 tons of plastic of fossil origin every year, which is equivalent to the plastic recycled in a city of 26,500 inhabitants1. In addition, thanks to this strategy, Bifrutas it prevents the emission of 728 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every yearan amount similar to that emitted by a fleet of 352 cars.