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Miguel Borja: Palmeiras, River’s Junior enemy business

What seemed to be a fact, in the final hours was complicated and is the coming Miguel angel Borgia a Plate River from the Junior from Barranquilla and it’s about the appearance of palm trees Brazilian, owner of the other 50% of a Colombian soccer player’s passport.

Although there was already an agreement between River Plate and Barranquilla Juniorthe business was complicated because palm trees he wants more of his percentage.

The Argentine team offered five million dollars for the entire record and the three – and – a – half – year deal with the footballer seemed closed. Palmeiras, however, dissatisfied with what he was to cut and the part due to him, stopped the negotiations and the Argentine newspaper reported this. Drinking.

“From Núñez they have indicated that they are willing to extend it and offer $ 6,000,000 for 100% of the passport, but that does not comply with palm treesacquired it at the time for US $ 13.5 million and sold 50% of it Junior at US $ 3.5 million. A combination of trying to recoup more of the investment made (knowing they will lose something) and strengthening direct competition in the Libertadores is not so easy “

Junior, the main victim

With the closing of the offer, it was convenient for the Colombian staff to keep money between 5 and 4.5 million dollars, and to be able to pay the debts to the palm trees.

From Argentina, they declare that if the situation does not change, it is difficult to unlock the passport and Plate River he would reopen the negotiations for two other footballers: Nahuel Bustos and Matías Arezo.

Finally, the ‘Millionaire’ team was looking to sign the Colombians for the 16th round of the Libertadores Cup against Velez Sarsfieldthat term is until June 25, but with what happened today, there is no chance.


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