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LP gas, big business for the federal government

a year ago the federal government intervened to control LP gas prices in the country against the increase that affected families, to start a new company that would level the market conditions, at least in the middle of the country.

Gas Bienestar started operations in August 2021; however, although prices fell, for households they were still high compared to previous months.

While this government meddling in the market has been a boon to Mexican households, according to Pemex data, physical sales of LP gas in the first half of this year only increased by 5% compared to the same period last year, and barely the size increased. , revenue grew asymmetrically, which meant 50% more, which shows that the parastatal had a great advantage by intervening in the domestic market as a direct supplier and with prices that were expensive for consumers at the time.

According to the results report for the first semester, sales of liquefied petroleum gas, or LP gas, went from 146 thousand barrels per day to 153 thousand, compared to the same period in 2021, an increase of 4.9%, or seven thousand barrels. More every day. On the other hand, income grew by 49.9%, about 12 thousand 26 million pesos more measured in the same period. The figure rose from 24 thousand 088 million pesos to 36 thousand 115 million, a significant difference as a result of high energy prices.

Like gas, significant gains were also seen in automobile fuels. Gasoline sales went from 183 billion to 305 thousand 161 million pesos, 66.8%, and volume increased by 20.1 percent.

Diesel was found in the same situation, although there was a bigger difference between what he sold and what he got. The report says that cash sales grew 115.4%, increasing from 64.7 billion, to 139.5 million pesos, and by volume it did so by 41 percent.


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