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Jon Teus and his business personalized plans to watch…

“Jon! come!” It was a night in April 1981. Jon Teus remembers it well. And he was only 15 years old. was his neighbor Astrology buff and he had a telescope. “I’m going to show you Saturn,” he promised. The young Teus brought his eye closer to the telescope not doubting that the image he was about to see would be a sign for the rest of his life.

“I saw Saturnwith their rings, just like the pictures that came out in my textbooks,” he describes. And he still gets emotional when he remembers that overwhelming moment: “I was surprised.”

Currently, this neighbor of Case, but born in Guipúzcoa, he is 54 years old. Treasure the experience of years immersed in the world of astronomybut he insists on the wonderful nature of this planet: “Saturn and the Moon are the most wonderful elements of space that can be observed by an amateur.”

In Caseda he set up his business ie. look at the skywhich combines astronomy outreach activities, an online telescope shop and repair shop. “My profession is also my passion,” he admits. It was not in vain, the day he looked at Saturn through his neighborhood telescope, Teus found a hobby that he has cultivated all these years.

Star viewpoint of San Zoilo in Cáseda.  NAMES
A view of Saturn through a telescope. NAMES

Shortly after having that experience, he joined the Astronomical Society of Guipuzcoan, which belongs to the Astronomical Department of the Aranzadi Scientific Society. “Association is a common stage for those who enter this world. We were 15 freaked out looking at the stars“, he recalls with some nostalgia.

But Teus he wanted his passion for the firmament to reach more people and he began to think about the idea of ​​establishing a business that would allow him bringing astronomy closer to more people. He was employed in various trades: real estate agent, security guard and maintenance staff.

Finally, he took the step to follow his dream. “Family support helps a lot in determining your future,” thanks his parents. It was the end of the 90s when he organized the first astronomy trips.

The first to Canada to document the The North Brights. Then another to Romania to total solar eclipse “I realized that the exposure issue could be at work.”

So, in the year 2000 he accepted his degrees from Guipúzcoa to Cáseda, his family home. The move is logical. “First of all, because of the weather. Here it is much better than in the Bay of Biscay,” he points out. Not in vain, the weather is crucial to enjoy the starry sky.

But, in addition, there was the issue of space. “In an apartment it was not possible to do my activity.” It should be noted that at telescope from his online shop the ones he tests are added every month for a special magazine.

In this way, the family chalet located in the town of Navarra seemed to be an ideal place to do his business. “It’s an old house, but my mother has a lot of memories there,” he says.

On the other hand, moving to Navarre opened more doors for him. “In the Basque Country they asked me to learn Basque for many of the outreach activities. I studied the language at school and I have basic concepts, but not enough to tackle it,” he says.


Just a year ago, Cáseda was inaugurated View of San Zoilo to look at the stars. In this way, the town has promoted Teus’s passion for astronomy.

“The current mayor helped me a lot,” Teus thanks him. So much so that, although he planned to finance the view himself, he finally did The City Council is in charge of carrying out the work.

The look is about leisure and relaxation complex of the hermitage of San Zoilo. There is a green area with stone tables and benches, a barbecue, even a park where you can park a motorhome.

In addition, the hermitage has recently been renovated and has a cultural room. Teus uses it to organize projections and audiovisual conferences. Back outside, there is an area that allows you to see the stars and there are several stands that facilitate the explanations of the guide.

Star viewpoint of San Zoilo in Cáseda.  NAMES
Skygazing offers personalized plans to contemplate the stars. NAMES

Precisely, the attitude of San Zoilo is now the the nerve center of the activities in Skygazing. In fact, various observations are scheduled until October:

  • 08/07/2022: Observing the moon.
  • 08/13/2022: Moon and Meteor shower.
  • 08/14/2022: Moon and planets.
  • 20/08/2022: “Space”.
  • 27/08/2022: Special constellations.
  • 09/17/2022: Jupiter and Saturn.
  • 29/10/2022: Jupiter and Saturn.

Outside these dates, Teus organizes personalized plans for couples and groups who so desire. “In a few days I have made an observation in San Zoilo with a couple who come from Madrid to spend a few days in Navarre”, he declares.

In cases like the one mentioned, Teus deploys his ‘Astro Bed’. It is an inflatable mattress with capacity for a couple, even a family with small children. “I sit in a separate hammock and I give the explanations,” he explains. “At the beginning there is always a lot of laughter because it is a strange situation,” he admits.

He is happy because, after so many years in the sector, he is able to consolidate his business. He regrets, yes, that there is not more diffusion for small companies in the sector, as he has. “Astrology is fashionable, but we need to be known so that people know that these activities exist.”

In addition to those mentioned above, Teus also organizes activities in other towns contacted by their municipality. Also, it adds four hour workshops for amateur astronomy.

The usual price of the activity Night of the Stars at the view of Cáseda which 10 euros for adults and five euros for children. Children can take part in the activity if they are older than 10 years. “In the case of personalized plans, you have to take into account that the price is a little higher,” says the founder of Observar el Cielo.