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Holcim presents a new identity and business vision

Costa Rica. Holcim Costa Rica marks a milestone in its history by presenting its new corporate identity and committing to playing an essential role in accelerating our world’s transition to a Net Zero and inclusive future, and continuing to be a leader in innovative solutions and sustainable for construction.

The objective is to build a future with ever greener cities and smarter infrastructures that improve people’s quality of life.

With a logo based on the symbol of Infinity and Holcim in the middle, connecting all aspects of construction, the company reaffirms its commitment to sustainable construction and a vision towards the circular economy, which goes beyond traditional business.

The innovative identity of Holcim Costa Rica is a change of image, it reflects the essence of the company, it transmits what it is today and where it is going, inspired by the people who are building the foundations, infrastructures and works of our world. promote a more sustainable future.

This new chapter in the company corresponds to the 2025 strategy “Accelerating Green Growth”, which has four pillars: accelerate growth, expand solutions and products, lead sustainability and innovation, and achieve better performance.

Andrea Lara, CEO of Holcim Costa Rica, said: “Today is a milestone for our company as we transform to reinforce our role as a global leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for construction. Our world is changing in many ways, with population growth, urbanization and climate challenges, we are determined to do our part to accelerate low carbon and circular construction, in tune with the environmental policies of Costa Rica, a country that has achieved her for being at the forefront. in this matter in Latin America».

As a result of the relaunch of the Holcim brand, a new line of ECOplanet cements was presented to the market in Costa Rica, which have a better environmental performance by guaranteeing a reduction of up to 50% of its carbon footprint.

Lara pointed out that ECOplanet is the widest ecological cement range in the world, offering circular benefits and low carbon emissions, guaranteeing maximum performance, composed of innovative low-emission raw materials, making it the first of its kind . In addition, it has decarbonized its production process led by the use of alternative fuels. “Through these actions, we are taking firm steps in our 2025 strategy, significantly accelerating green growth.”

The launch of Holcim Costa Rica’s new identity reflects the deep transformation of the company and reinforces its goal to make cities greener and infrastructure smarter to improve the quality of life of people around the world.

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Holcim Costa Rica promotes sustainability to drive development that works for people and the planet