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Dcoop closes 2021 with a turnover of 1,021 million

Olea Mare Auditorium at. Headquarters dcoop after celebrating the ordinary general meeting of the group Referrer until the year 2021, year marked with “the recovery” . With the participation of more than 200 representatives from member cooperativesThe annual accounts and the statement of non-financial information were approved and the activity and investments made by the second tier agri-food cooperative were reviewed with a view to marketing the production of the more than 75,000 member families.

The net worth of the co – operative now stands at 159.39 million euros, and Cooperative turnover was 1,021.16 million euros in 201, 12.5% ​​more than in 2020, which was 907.7 million .

For billing information, alt ola, With 561.84 million euros, it stands out above the rest of the areas in which Dcoop operates, with growth of 18.19% compared to the pandemic year.

It is important to point that out the supplies department last year broke a record, billing 120.11 million euros, the highest figure since its inception. In addition, for 2020, it represented an increase of 26.65%.

For the came, 66.95 million euros were invoiced, six more than the previous year, that is, the increase was close to 10%. In reference to the livestock section, which consists of Dcoop consisting of feed marketing, various types of livestock (white pigs, goats’ milk and beef cattle) and animal health products, turnover in 2021 grew by almost 1% (in 2020 it was 112.63 million euros and in 2021, 113.66 million) . the part of goat milk industry 22.88 million euros. On the other hand, billing table olives The 20/21 campaign was 96.84 million. It is also relevant the dried fruit part. In this way, in 2021 turnover was 14.91 million euros compared to 13.02 million the previous year, that is, the turnover of this sector is 14.51% in the presence of Dcoop almonds and, from 2020, pistachios. . In addition, it was done Villarrubia almond factory expansion and pistachio cultivation has been promoted.

Finally, the activities of pomace and the by – products of the olive grove last year amounted to 7.34 million euros and cereals to 30.64 million euros.

Among the group’s work lines, the commitment to better water management for the countryside stands out.