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Neo-liberal policy

WHAT WAS NECESSARY so that the human right to water ceases to be the business of a few? Even the electoral victory of Andrés López Obrador four years ago did not reverse this trend, and for example the city of Puebla and four surrounding municipalities (Amozoc, San Pedro Cholula, San Andrés Cholula, Ocoyucan and Cuautlancingo), where the company is located. Concesiones Integrales SA de CV, with the trade name Agua para Todos, has, according to its website, “the concession to provide a public service of drinking water, drainage, sewage, sanitation and waste water disposal”.

This company has been doing business with water in Puebla since 2013 (the year they won the tender); The PAN and PRI governments of the state worked for this company, since they allowed it not to fulfill its obligations to improve the drinking water network, water supply and sanitation, among other things. Moreover, the municipal administration of Morena in Puebla from 2018 to 2021 did not even fulfill its promise to return to the hands of the municipality the concession given to a private company that profits from the people’s right to have access to drinking water, quality and safety , continuous route.

Despite the fact that this neoliberal policy is maintained against the people, the state governor says yes “Things have already changed”because of the increase in the water rate, now the Congress approves it.

On July 8, the governor and the company also explained that the increase for strata 1, 2 and 3 will be 4% and for strata 5, 6 and 7, a maximum of 7.6%. This means that the payment will go from 134.27 pesos per month to 146.9 pesos in popular neighborhoods and residential areas, which are within the first three tiers.

However, nothing is said about the complaints from neighbors, such as those from the Agua Santa Housing Unit, or the fines against the company Concesiones Integrales that Conagua charged, or the environmental crimes that the this company when it pours water with toxic foam. in the channel and artificial lake of the Ecological Park, in the city of Puebla. There is much less talk about the possibility of removing the offer from that company to return its obligations to the various city governments. Now it turns out that the neoliberals of France, who have just nationalized the entire electrical industry in their country, are more “progressive” than the anti-neoliberals in Puebla and Mexico or than the neoliberals PAN and PRI who are still strong, especially in the state. .

The municipal governments of PAN and Morena extraction ignore the abuses of this company and avoid their responsibility to guarantee the human right to water for their own population according to the provisions of Article 4 of the Political Constitution of the United States.

This is how things are in the state of the Republic, for that reason it is important that those who read us pay attention to these facts, because this neoliberal policy of profiting from the human right to water is to live in Querétaro, where the conference to allow the privatization of the so-called drinking water service has ended. It is also important to mention that even in Mexico City, where the service is not privatized, there are many abuses regarding water, since access to water is privileged for the companies that build the Azteca Stadium Project and Tepeyac Park, which will have the largest aquarium in Latin America, at the cost of access to water for the city’s inhabitants.

Water, a human right for all, business for a few, profit for a few, and a neoliberal policy that continues instead of correcting itself and deepens with basically negative consequences for the working class.

As part of the working class and the organized people, the Organization for the Struggle for Popular Emancipation demands and fights so that a resource as important as water is the sole property of the people and that they are the people who define how to distribute it, take care to them. and guarantee this resource, non-renewable nature. We cannot allow the bourgeois businessmen, with the approval of the federal and local governments, to turn an opportunity into a service that allows private companies to make a profit and increase their profits accordingly.

We recommend in our Minimum Program of struggle for the recovery of national sovereignty and control by the people and their government over our national resources. Likewise, all governments have a duty to improve the standard of living of the people and guarantee our economic, social, cultural and environmental rights.

The privatization of human rights in Puebla, Querétaro and the priority of the need for profits for the companies that profit from water in Mexico City show us that privatization only worsens the living conditions of the working people. If you really fight against neoliberalism, the government must guarantee water as a human right, even if this means canceling water concessions for the owners of the golf courses in Monterrey, for the big transnational companies that plunder the resource to produce soft drinks. and beer, for the big mining companies.

Ultimately in order to recover our sovereignty, by building popular democracy and socialism, the constitutional amendments to Article 27 of the Constitution must be annulled with the aim of recovering the supervision of the State in relation to the cultivation of soil, subsoil, coasts and the rivers of our country.

Destroy neoliberalism in actions to build socialism!

Note: article published in No. 77 of the FRAGUA newspaper as part of PORTADA, the press organ of the Organization for the Struggle for Popular Emancipation (OLEP).

Facebook: olep.fragua