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Yes, her job (and passion) is dancing and she wants to break the Olympics in Paris

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“That has been with me all my life,” he says Grace Stenio. “That” is the conversation he makes below: “What do you do?”, they asked him. “To dance,” he replied. “No, seriously, what do you do?” on them. “To dance”, he answered again. “No, but a real job…”

“Over the years they have been looking at me. It is not an easy path, it is full of uncertainty, you are stepping on cotton clouds, sometimes a little more solid, sometimes it seems like you are falling off the precipice, but you have to. look forward and keep up the enthusiasm,” continues Graciel, who goes by her stage name Grazy boy and that it is marked as a new challenge to try to be in the Olympic Games in Paris 2024where is he break It will be one of the novels. what for started on the streets of Aluche it became a way of life at a time when it was very difficult to evolve. “We didn’t have support, but not for anything, it wasn’t there: the older people who did it left very soon, since there was no Internet or anything, whoever He had information he cared for as a treasure and he did. do not share it… And I said: “I am going to write a book, that my testimony is written and for the people who can lend a hand…”, he reveals. It is “Dirty Hands” the book (it can be bought on Amazon), a title that has a lot of meaning. “Before, we danced in the street, every day, and when you train a lot, with the dirt on the floor, you ended up with very dirty hands, and the more it was like a kind of pride,” explains its author.

In the book he tells how he went from not wanting to compete to competing and that’s what got him into it. “It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s that I’m very, very shy,” he admits. He was embarrassed to even ask for a glass of water in a bar and in the first tournaments he even tried to skip the round so he wouldn’t have to “put in for that” again, something he overcame” over the years and with pain. “. He sweated, he cut himself in front of people… It was very difficult when all his group qualified, except him. “I spent about five or six months without dancing, and I said to myself: ‘Either you change or leave it. Either you break this barrier or leave it,'” he recalls.

“Because of the art, it didn’t go well to break in Spain, let’s look for the sport…”

Breaking helped him improve himself and even today he continues to work his mind with messages of self-confidence. Now he writes on pieces of paper every day that he wants to go to the Games or, personally, that he is not ashamed to talk to people, because “there is still part of that child.” He is reminded every day to believe in the end. “Lie to yourself until you make it,” he says. Because of the impossible movements they are able to make and which require intense and obvious physical preparation, the head moves everything: “That’s why I read books on psychology, self-improvement, leadership… When I was 14 years old of age. or 15 years old I It would be embarrassing to read these things on the subway, and I would change the cover so that no one would see it.”

Interview with Graciel Stenio, “Grazy”. Alberto R. Roldan The reason

It has gone from training on the street or the subway to doing it in the Madrid High Performance Center (CAR). Since it is an Olympic break, a structure is being “set up”: they have a room, a physio, although recently; and a body trainer who conducts the series they have to do with 2 kilogram weights that are lying around on the gym floor. There is also a vest with an extra 28 kilograms that they do handstands and survive in. The method of the competition is a battle, one against the other, and only 16 boys and 16 girls go to the Games, very few. The options to be in Paris are: to be a world champion, Europe waves Olympic Qualifying Series (OQS), three championships between March and June 2024, but to take part in them you have to be at the top of the ranking with daily results. “My first competition season was from 2005 to 2012, I was 18 years old, I lived with my mother, it was a different matter. From 2012 to 2022 I started working more (at the Cirque du Soleil, as example) and I’m a little detached from the competition,” he says. In 2019 they started cooking that he was Olympic and in 2021 Graciel saw that he was serious and thought: “In the case of art, it didn’t go very well to break in Spain, well, we’ll see about the sport.” And then “the flame” into him. “You can, you’ve been doing this for many years, you’re not cut out from the competition. It’s like a bug that bites you, always present,” he reveals what he thought.

Of course, this summer it has been suggested that, apart from working in the CAR, one day he wants to do it on the street, in one of the typical places such as Nuevos Ministerios or Chamartin, to remember that it is important to continue face by staining. his hands.

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