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his lucrative image rights and a castle in Switzerland

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He had a difficult life, but professionally he achieved everything. Tina Turner He was a star, the best in his essence, the queen of rock and roll, The lion. The greatest success came from music, but he also entered the seventh art, almost always playing his own character. Her albums became all the best sellers, she was awarded the most important awards, she was included in the Hall of Fame. rock and roll and until the day of his death, last May 24, collect a great fortune.

According to famous networth, the American portal specialized in famous assets, Tina Turner has left an estate of 250 million dollars (€233 million(c) arising from their work and investments.

Officially, Tina Turner’s career began in 1960 when she was released A Fool in Lovesuccess with his partner Ike Turner which reached the top of the music charts. At that time, the late musician, with his queen na rock lived a turbulent love story, gave him a artistic name, register it as a trademark. interpreter of The best _____Her real name was Anna Mae Bullock.

(Tina Turner, the tragic life of the queen of ‘rock and roll’: from the abuse of her ex-husband to the death of two children)

Tina Turner during a ‘show’ in the 90s.


A Fool in Love it was just the beginning of a successful career. A year later they were released It will work finenominated for an award grammar for ‘Best Rock and Roll Performance’.

In 1964 Tina Turner presented her first solo song, but it was not until 10 years later that she released her first solo album, Tina Turns the Country On. For the singer, 1974 was a great year. Ike also released a gospel album, which earned a Grammy nomination, and performed The Acid Queen in the movie Tommy.

The years that followed were not so good. Tina divorced Ike due to mistreatment and irreconcilable differences. But he did not abandon music, trying to make a name for himself. In the beginning he walked a path full of thorns. The albums did not sell well. But since 1984, with the song What’s Love Got To Do With It?number one on the Billboard chart, which he did again. Then, in fact, began the best phase of his career, which won several Grammy Awards. Among them, ‘Record of the year’ and ‘Disc of the year’.

Tina Turner presenting her musical in New York.


In addition to countless awards and sales, Tina Turner’s musical success has translated into a agreement to sell his music, likeness and image rights to BMG for Rights Management for 50 million dollars.

Tina Turner finally retired from performing live in 2009, but her music and story have continued thanks to tributes and acclaim. shows which was done in his name. On Broadway, in London and Madrid, he has brought his career to the stage with the musical tub. Although his more personal side is expressed in bookslike the autobiography My love story.

Regarding his career in the seventh art, his performances in Tommy and Online game Mad Max Beyond Thunderdomestar side by side Mel Gibson (67) and with which she won the Image Award for ‘Best Actress in a Film’. That feature film, to be praised by fans of the star rocktotaled approximately $36 million.

Tina Turner, in an image captured in 1984.

Tina Turner spent the last years of her life avoiding various health bumps and seeking as much peace as possible in Switzerland, a country she became a citizen of in 2021 with her last partner, Erwin Bach (67). After that and after 30 years for rent, the star and music producer they bought an impressive castle, he château Algonquin, for approx €76 million. It was the house where he died and is located in the vicinity of Lake Zürich.

his heirs

It is well known that her musical legacy will live on forever in those who accompanied her in her career and those who admired her work. But his patrimony is not a big story.

At the moment there is no record of the will by Tina Turner. but the singer Erwin Bach left the widow and orphans of Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turnertwo adopted children she welcomed during her relationship with Ike, her ex-husband who died in 2007. The singer was also her biological father.

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