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Georgina Rodriguez graces the Cannes Film Festival with an elegant and shiny look

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Georgina Rodriguez it’s done again. The dazzled model as she is known in the cannes film festival with an incredible outfit that will catch all eyes. the few Cristiano Ronaldo He charmed all the attendees with a unique outfit.

A fishnet style dress with a mermaid cut, embellished with stones in various golden tones, dominated to show off the voluminous figure Georgina Rodriguezin this latest edition of the mythical film festival, which is taking place in the French city of the same name.

The neckline of the dress was square and supported by crisscross straps at the back. It was the perfect way for the bride Cristiano Ronaldo will catch all eyes. With an ideal cut and a skirt with volume, a small tail was formed that accompanied each of her steps.

The combination of the textures of the dress, illuminated by the ‘flashes’ of the cameras and the natural light of the event, made Georgina Rodriguez he will stand out in the Cannes Film Festival.

Georgina’s jewelry attracted attention

The model completed the look with a low ponytail and completely straight hair, as well as makeup in the same tone, which emphasized her eyes.

As jewelry, she wore a ring, several bracelets and earrings made of precious stones in different shades of silver and gold.

As if that wasn’t enough, in addition to their incredible looks, Georgina Rodriguez dazzled with her sympathy for the occasion. ​​​​The photographers found a very friendly and intimate version of the model, so they were able to do their work perfectly.

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