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Will Vinícius leave Real Madrid for the Premier League? Contract, interested teams and everything that is known

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Is Vinícius leaving Madrid? That is the question that starts to arise around the European Market 2023first with the Brazil had to endure an episode of racism in La Liga and after that, with the rumors of the various powerful teams from the premier league who are looking for theirs signing.

How is the attitude, what teams are looking for Vinícius and how many millions would the sale be? All the details are below.

Why would Vinícius leave Real Madrid?

It is clear that the possible departure of Vinícius from Madrid that he would not have anything to do with the team’s decision to sell him, but with a Brazil’s personal search to migrate. In that sense, the an episode of racism lived in Valentine At the end of La Liga, they seem to have opened the door for the young South American attacker to leave.

And Vini didn’t just target the Valencia fans, but he harshly criticized the state of La Liga and Spanish football in general, going so far as to show this. it’s about races. According to The Athletic, what used to be a definite “no” when asked about a possible matchup, is now an open door for a bye.

Vinícius’ contract with Real Madrid

Vinícius has a contract with Real Madrid until June 2024. In other words, he has one year left before the end of that link, at which point many clubs decide to sell their figures (unless an extension is agreed) to avoid them being free 12 months later.

According to the specialized site Capology, Vinícius a annual salary of almost 21 million euros in Madrid, which would be the sixth highest on the team behind Eden Hazard, Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema, David Alaba and Luka Modric.

How much is Vinicius worth?

Vinícius is valued at the specialist site Transfermarkt €120 million. Only Erling Haaland (170 million) and Kylian Mbappé (180 million) are valued above the Brazilian.

The teams in the Premier League in pursuit of Vinícius

Everything indicates that if Vinícius leaves Madrid he will migrate to the Premier League. And from England there are already reports of teams interested in signing the 22-year-old striker, should he finally decide to switch gears.

Among those teams, three names stand out: Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester United. In the case of United and Newcastle, they qualified for the next edition of the Champions League, unlike Liverpool who will barely play the Europa League.

In either case, it is expected that the the value of the transfer is more than 100 million euros.

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