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We just want the sun to rise again to copy Massimo Dutti’s Sassa de Osma loose dress

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It’s Friday, but we’re just counting down the days until this one drops. Naughty which is affecting Spain and the sun is back. And not just because we can’t take it anymore with this gray sky and rain, but because we have to copy this white dress by Massimo Dutti Sasa de Osma, and for this we need sun and heat. It didn’t take long to steal our hearts. If the other day we spent section a Sassa style of Osma that she was one of the best dressed in ARCO, now she just stole our hearts with the most beautiful and elegant Massimo Dutti dress to start June through the streets of Madrid. If we had to summarize in a few words What is the style of the lawyer, designer and former model? sasa de osma I would be elegant, timeless and a little vintage. I married him Christian Prince of Hanover which makes her a member of the Royal Children, and his presence is not given to all Looks which shines from his sophistication and discretion, to be all one Referral For all those lovers of the most classic and elegant fashion that will not go out of style. He has a very similar style to others famous people as Mary of the Orderwith whom he maintains good friendships, and even as a journalist and founder of a communication agency, Sofia Paramio. But this Massimo Dutti dress It is so elegant and for all ages, that we can still see it being used Queen Letizia from Carmen Lomana with its great elegance.

sasa de osma She is one of our references in terms of style, of noble origin, this Peruvian moved to New York at the age of 16 with the aim of carving herself out as a model and now she is dazzling in our country as one of the best dressed and she showed it to us, shown again with this look to start the last week of March. Of course, please let the sun rise again so I can show this white dress with crossed neckline so nice and loose Massimo Dutti.

Structured dress with crossed straps, by Massimo Dutti (79.95 euros)

A white dress worn by Sassa de Osma for Massimo Dutti structured fabric and made of 100% cotton fabric.

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