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Wanda Nara has revealed the surprising list of suitors since her divorce from Mauro Icardi

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Wanda Nara confirmed his separation with the footballer Mauro Icardi It was final, despite the fact that the footballer continues to reject it from Türkiye. However, the Argentinian host revealed interesting details about how she faces this new phase of her life as: famously single!

“Many write to me. Do they want to check? They would be surprised,” Wanda said with a smile to the Intruders program for Argentine television “your environment”, although she warned: “I’m good alone and I want to be calm.”

However, by showing a photo of her five children on the back of the mobile phone, she confirmed that there is no room in her life for another child: “There is no room for anything.” In saying that “He has no time for new distractions.”

In fact, everything shows that Wanda Nara feels very good about herself at the moment, as she shared a wonderful image on her Instagram account, where she wears a delicate black lingerie and leaves part of her body exposed, as well as dedication interesting, both. Mauro Icardi, as the singer L-Ghent. “The boy from the neighborhood the turro came to me and the businessman I was not ‘running away’ and I did not give my lips to anyone. He comes and they are going to die”, Indian.

Meanwhile, Wanda and the singer seem to be enjoying their love, as she continuously shares messages or images that stir him up.

Wanda Nara takes time to talk about the beautiful Turkish linked with Mauro Icardi

Even, Wanda Nara referred to Hande Sarioglua beautiful Turkish singer who admires Mauro Icardi and often goes to watch his matches in a box.

“She’s been wearing my shirt for a long time. She’s very famous in Turkey. She’s not a friend. I don’t know her. I have no idea if he knows her. I think he doesn’t know her.”shown.

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