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Travis Van Winkle’s incredible body that surprised Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘Fubar’

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    After a short stint in the series ‘You’, American actor Travis Van Winkle dedicated himself to reconfiguring his body to play a thinner and more defined secret agent in ‘Fubar’. The physical change he made from one role to another is remarkable, because he himself admits that his efforts to achieve a suitable physical shape for the type of role were not even noticed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Travis Van Winkle: “It means a lot to me that Arnold told me I’m muscular”

    The American actor has shared some scenes with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the series ‘Fubar’ and this has created some “pressure” on what Arnold means in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. In addition to carrying the weight of the paper, Travis Van Winkle did not want to disappoint such a milestone in bodybuilding.

    “There was a moment when he pulled me aside on set and said, ‘Hey, you’re ripped.'” This conversation meant a lot to Travis, as he explains, “In the back of my mind there was a part of me . that I wanted his approval, and that he would give me his blessing that my work had taken off.” Van Winkle says he only had about six weeks to prepare before production on ‘Fubar’ and thanks for all the work done with his personal trainer Grant Roberts who was with him throughout the process of change and physical adaptation. His training routine included increasing the number of repetitions in his sets and increase the number of sessions, going from 5 sessions per week to 6 hours.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger as motivation in the process

    “Let me tell you, the motivation is strong when you work on a program with Arnold Schwarzenegger”, these are the statements of Travis Van Winkle who explained what motivated him during the whole change and although the necessary High-volume training sessions that fight fatigue. , the American actor was clear that he wanted to impress Arnold Schwarzenegger with his body.

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