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Sub-tier AI premium with five free shares for each class A or B share

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VALENCIA (VP). Substrate AI, a company listed on BME Growth, has today called an extraordinary meeting of shareholders for June 30 in which it will allow a capital increase to be charged on reserves to be carried out by which its shareholders will be given priority with five series b shares for each share they will securitize, whether series a or b.

These new shares will be created by charging the company’s share premium reserve and will be delivered free of charge to shareholders.. The delivery will act in practice as a stock dividend to all security holders, a dividend which, in many cases, increases by five times the value of the shareholders’ portfolio at the time of accrual, and is decided by the board of directors. on the 30th of June.

“We want to reward all those who have trusted AI Substrate in this first year of existence as a listed company. It was a very difficult year from the market point of view, especially for technology companies, and which had an impact on the listing of Substrate AI, which went parquet in one of the worst times since the 1930s. However, this was a very good year for the company from a business point of view and we established ourselves as a benchmark for artificial intelligence in Spain. But business without its Shareholders are nothing and, with this capital increase charged to reserves, we want to reinforce the message that AI Substrate is a company with its sights set on our shareholders, which is what it should be be the ultimate goal of any company and it belongs to AI Substrate. We hope that this extension supports what we think, what we have often transmitted and what we want to build despite the ups and downs of the market” , says Lorenzo Serratosa, president of the company.

AI Substrate is the first artificial intelligence company listed in Spain and closed 2022 with sales growth of 133%. LThe company works as a holding company for companies that sell, operate and develop artificial intelligence in their sectorswith a focus on creating efficiencies that will boost the economy on its path towards sustainability and emissions neutrality.

The companies in the AI ​​Substrate portfolio develop and sell artificial intelligence solutions in sectors such as healthcare, agritech, fintech, human resources and energy. Moreover, the Valencian firm offers consulting services to other companies that want to implement artificial intelligence solutions on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to BME Growth, the company is listed on the American OTC market and expects a further 70% growth in sales by 2023 and listing in new markets

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