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Matt Rife and Dane Cook, both watching the premiere of ‘The Machine’

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              The premiere of the film The Machine brought together its main characters in Los Angeles as well as colleagues and friends by profession such as Matt Rife and Dane Cook, who attracted the attention of the press and the public for their muscles in the photo call. But… who are these two hangers on? We started the investigation…

              But first, let’s look at the plot of it the machine, an action comedy directed by Peter Atenzio that tells the story of Bert Kreischer, an ordinary man who is famous as a comedian known as The machine who tells, in his monologues, about experiences with Russian mobsters during university trips with alcohol as the protagonist. Now, 23 years later, that trip has come back to haunt him as he and his estranged father (Mark Hamill) are kidnapped in Russia by the mob to make her do something they’ve done for years. since then. Together, Bert and his father must retrace the steps of their younger self (Jimmy Tatro) in the middle of a mob plot.

              Showing biceps in a t-shirt

              An interesting argument that Matt Rife and Dane Cook did not want to miss. Matt Rife is a comedian and actor known in the United States for his television appearances. And Dane Cook is the same, comedian and TV variety show performer. Both are fitness enthusiasts and showed off their biceps in a T-shirt. If you want biceps to match, these are it the 21 best biceps exercises for big arms.

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