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MALE DANDY: All the girlfriends of Frederick of Denmark (who was 55 years old)

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Frederick of Denmark reaches 55 with a seemingly peaceful life, but it is not always so. From his childhood he met with the direct opposition of his mother ie.

Queen Margaretin front of all the girls he had, until he had no choice but to let in the one who is now his daughter-in-law,

Mary Donaldsonalthough it did not seem the most appropriate.

He was the first known childhood love of the Crown Prince of Denmark

Mie Egmont, high school classmate. A relationship that is destined to fail because of the few words. It is not known what happened between them on holidays they spent together skiing, but they did not survive the first winter.

Entering the 90s, we reach the crazy university years… Or maybe not so much in the case of the son of Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Prince Henrik. hit

Nina Klinker Jorgensen, at Aarhus University, where he was studying political science while she was studying law. If we stick to the rhetoric that prevailed in the social chronicles of those years, an eruption arose between them.

Their relationship began to fall apart when she decided to start a career in acting (without much success, by the way), but it didn’t take long for Federico to forget her. We immediately saw it on the model’s arm

Malou Aamundwith which he dated until 1993, because the scandal came between them.

On New Year’s Eve 1992, the model was driving the prince’s car and was arrested for doing so under the influence of alcohol. She was taken to the police station and when the news broke, the Royal Family issued a statement apologizing for their behaviour. In parliament, he was even asked to renounce his dynamic rights and his mother sent him to study at Harvard. Game over.

However, the great danger to the claims of Queen Margrethe of Denmark was the Danish lingerie model.

Katja Storkholm, with whom the Danish prince was two and a half years old. The opposition of the royal family seems to have ended.

Frederick of Denmark, then a man in love, tried again with the singer

Maria Montellwith whom he was for a year before he met Mary Donaldson in Sydney, on the occasion of the Olympic Games.

In the end the pop artist would marry the film director Tomas Villum Jensen and she is always highly valued in her country. As a news we must point out that Federico came to present him to King Juan Carlos I during Holy Week. The thing was serious, but not so much…

How he met Mary Donaldson in Sydney (and fell in love)

Chance wanted Frederick of Denmark to meet Mary Donaldson in a pub. Prince introduced himself as Fred, and she explained that he was an advertising executive. It was a coup de foudre, with the French describing falling in love instantly as Mary herself admitted in an interview in 2005. “Something clicked. It wasn’t the fireworks in the sky or anything like that, but there was excitement,” he exclaimed.

When the romantic relationship began, Mary Donaldson took the logical steps to become a (surprise) princess. In 2002, he moved to Copenhagen,

converted to the Lutheran Church and learned Danish, a complex language. They announced their engagement in 2003 and married the following year in Copenhagen Cathedral. Margaret of Denmark’s tricks didn’t work…

Queen Margarita was always demanding with the partners of her children. /


The German journalist Alexander von Schönburg, Count of Schönburg-Glauchau, gave a good account, in wonderful terms, of the differences between Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Mary Donaldson in the book Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Kings, But Don’t Dare ask.

In this bestseller, he said that Queen Margrethe of Denmark had organized a party for her son in which

summoned a dozen aristocrats which he considered suitable to play the role of the princess. However, Frederick of Denmark would have noticed his mother’s maneuver and this only strengthened the ties that now became his wife.

The differences eased and their relationship improved to such an extent that Queen Margarita, with the support of the Council of State, appointed her daughter-in-law as regent, in the event that she had to fulfill these functions as head of state.

Frederick arrives in Denmark 55 years later

19 years of marriage and being the father of a large family. The couple had four children, Cristian, who will reach the age of majority on August 15; Isabella, 16, and Vincent and Josefine, 12.

The horizon for Prince Federico seems to be favorable, since the institution he represents has a high approval rate, although he started at the age of 50, calling Queen Margarita to give up her son oldest. Which does not seem, at the moment, to be taken into account.

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