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Luis Tosar remembers the death of his best friend

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Luis Tosar Albert Espinosa was this week’s guest i ‘The way home’program of the sixth in which the writer travels through the youth and the most significant places in the lives of various famous people and famous people. His itinerary was developed through Galicia, the actor’s homeland, where he fulfilled his dream Be indiana jones near the wall of Lugo.

One of the first places they went together was Luis Tosar’s school. There, while they were both looking at the border of the actor’s class, Espinosa asked him who his best friend was at school. “Probably José Luis”, he replied. But his answer continued: “He’s almost the one I had the most relationship with, until he died when we were 30 years old.”

The winner of three Goyas has told Albert Espinosa that his friend “died of cancer, of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” He struggled for six years and failed twice, “but the third time with another transplant he had an infection and left,” lamented Tosar.

He also admits that it was “very difficult, very difficult.” And he has said that the one who had the worst time was his family, but above all Monica, his widow. “He spent time in the ICU and was very tired,” he explained.

“He was a painter, he was a very Christian man, very important and we did great things when we were little,” said the actor. And he explained to Espinosa that their passion was the motor world: “we did it scalextric gravel rallies with Colacao and we customized the cars”.

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