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Inbentus inhalers do not lack investors: close a capital increase of 2 million

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MURCIA. Inbentus Medical Technology exceeds its own expectations and closes a capital increase of more than two million euros. Specifically, the Murcian company is committed to the innovation of medical technology after closing this operation thanks to the support of BeAble Capitalprivate equity fund manager specializing in technology transfer in Deep Science, as well as the investment fund Murcia Emprende, the founding partners and small investors.

First, the company announced its intention Raise 750,000 euros in a funding roundan amount that eventually increased to more than double what was expected, which will greatly increase the ability to scale his business and continue to develop his products.

The company, which was founded during the pandemic when the COVID-19 inhaler was developed, succeeded high performance medical respirators with turbine technology, the first in Spain to offer this technology for intensive care units (ICU) and patient transport.

The funds received in this operation will allow the company to accelerate its growth and expand its research capacity and the development of new equipment and technologies related to mechanical ventilation. Likewise, resources will be allocateds to promote the commercial section, leading to the expansion of the company in key international markets.

In fact, the company is already pursuing the challenge of internationalizing its brand in recent months: “In Spain you have to be but it is a small market. The business is abroad. Our market is the world, ” he explains in conversations with him. murcia square CEO of Inbentus, Raphael Valverde.

At the moment the company is Murcian looking at the United States and the Middle East as priority areas for short-term expansion, and the second market was the first market they attacked through agreements with local distributors. Later, it is planned to continue with countries such as India or the Philippines in South Asia.

BeAble Capital, a manager recognized for his strategic focus and commitment to innovation, has decided to support Inbentus by leading this capital increase. Their participation shows confidence in the company’s potential and provides the necessary resources to drive its growth strategy in the field of medical technology.

In addition, entry a family office related to the technology industry shows confidence in the management team and the business model of the Murcian technology company. The support and support of this family office will provide a strong financial basis to promote the sustainable growth of the company, they indicate from the company.

For her, Murcia takes over, the venture capital company promoted by Info and owned by Cajamar, Banco Sabadell and CaixaBank, carries out the operation in Inbentus after the successful divestment achieved last July in the company GWC. Due to the profitable event, which is a high multiple above the initial investment, the investment company has a new capacity to continue taking risk in technology companies early in their activity.

Raphael Valverdeco-founder and CEO of INBENTUS Medical Technology, expressed his satisfaction with the support received in this capital increase: “We are pleased to have the support of professional investors in this phase of growth. This capital increase will allow us to accelerate our technology . to develop and expand our presence in international markets by bringing our mechanical ventilation solutions to a greater number of patients and healthcare professionals.”

Antonio Alarconalso co-founder and COO of the company, referring to how the company was born and how it continues to develop: “It’s nice to think that an initiative that arose altruistically to help people during COVID. to develop and implement a value-added industry that will make Spain one of the few countries that have that ability”.

inbintus reaching this milestone shortly after the recognition at the IF Design Awards in the Medicine and Healthcare categorywhere his mechanical respirator was aimed at the medical transport of the winner. Therefore, with the success of this capital increase, “the company is strongly positioned to continue making a difference in patient care and contributing to the improvement of medical care at a national and international level”, they indicate from the signature.

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