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his kidney donor, the love of his life and his main heirs

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The singer and her husband met in 1985. He was an executive at the record company EMI and went to pick him up at Düsseldorf airport. After 28 years of dating, they got married in 2013.

The same day Tina Turner married Ike Turner, he took her to a live pornographic show. With that unflattering business card he could emerge as they were married between 1962 and 1976. The relationship was real an ordeal plagued by physical and emotional abuse from using his wife’s nose as a punching bag to sexual relations as if they were rape. tina, what died this Wednesday aged 83 in Switzerland, he had to wait until 1985 for find the man who made it discover the word happiness.

Tina arrived at Düsseldorf airport where she was picked up by a handsome man An EMI record company executive named Erwin Bach because the artist’s representative had other commitments. There was something special between them since their eyes first met. In the documentary about his life broadcast by HBO, he declared that “the day I met Erwin I must have been too tired from the flight and too worried about my concert tour. But I noticed it and I felt an immediate emotional connection“. Despite this feeling, when things got serious, Turner was not convinced because of the difference in age since then she was 47 and he was 30.

Erwin dazzled the artist for her beauty and intelligence. As director and president of the EMI record company in Germany and Switzerland, he is the main promoter of the Conradh na Gaeilge races. Paul McCartneyRobbie Williams Queen of Pink Floyd and Tina Turner will definitely settle down.

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Erwin was born in Cologne in 1956, and Erwin felt the call of music from his childhood. Not for their voice, but with the intention of promoting the artists. He prepared himself academically and started working for various record companies until EMI signed him for his great talent. during a interview with Oprah Winfreythe queen of rock recalled what that meeting with Erwin was like: “He had big eyes. I went in the car with him and my heart was booming, you know. My hands were sweating and I thought ‘OMG this is love at first sight“.

Tina Turnes and her husband, Erwin Bach, shopping in Milan in 2016. GTRES

from that meeting they became inseparable, but Tina did not give her hand to be married. He proposed to her several times, but she always refused. Finally, after 28 years of relationship, The couple got married civilly in Zurich in 2013 with 120 guests including David Bowie, Sade, Eros Ramazzotti, Giorgio Armani and Oprah Winfrey. For the occasion, 70,000 red and yellow roses were brought from the Netherlands and a red tarpaulin fence was built around the garden facing Lake Zürich to prevent disturbance. paparazzi because the couple gave the magazine the exclusive Hello!.

All the attendants poured water over the couple’s hands in a traditional Buddhist ritual. At Tina’s request, heThe women had to be dressed in white. and beige, and the men with the traditional tuxedo. The artist stood out with an Armani haute couture design in green tones. Bryan Adams interpretations all for love as Turner and Bach walked down the aisle.

Tina always defined it as “she soulmate“. Their love was so unfathomable that Erwin had no hesitation in it donate a kidney when the interpreter of golden eye fell seriously ill. The last years were complicated by the artist’s health issues which suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, attended dialysis, had hypertension and had a colon cancer.

At 67, Erwin is heartbroken at the disappearance of the only wonderful woman he ever loved. Together they built a life project that materially arose to share 250 million dollars. According to the laws of Switzerland he gets half the fortuneincluding real estate.

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