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Aracely Armbula flatly denies that Luis Miguel sees her children from time to time

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Armbula Aracely burst against the Statements from Luca Miranda, widow of Luis Miguel’s former manager, Hugo LpezEDS He said that the Sun sees his children from time to timepoints out People.

I know he sees them from time to time, but we don’t know that and he won’t tell. I can’t tell you much, you already understand what I mean,” Miranda said a few days ago in an interview with the program First Hand.

Aracely Armbula’s strong response

Armbula, that is mother of Miguel and Daniel, born from his relationship with Luis Miguel, I responded strongly to such a statement.

“Chule” did it through her Instagram stories where she shows a fragment of a note from Quin magazine, in which they say that the singer sees her children, based on Miranda’s statement, and in addition she sent a clear message:

“Unbelievable how little shame they have to lie. As far as my children are concerned, always speak the truth”

answered Aracely Armbula.

Luis Miguel would be away from his children for years

People recall that the 48-year-old actress kept her children out of the public eye and, since 2017, in an interview with the magazinehe made it clear that the “La incondicional” singer was not present in the lives of his children, that is. not even on important dates like their birthdays.

“You haven’t seen them in a long time, I wish you lived with them more, yes”he told People at the time.

The magazine recalled that “Chule” was learned a few months ago. that he took legal proceedings against Luis Miguel, as He does not provide child support

And although the singer has not been close to his children for a long time, he has recently been the target of criticism for He is seen with the daughters of his current girlfriend, Paloma Cuevas.

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