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World Veterinary Association and WOAH focus on rabies and antimicrobial resistance

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Within the framework of the 90th Annual General Session of the World Assembly of Delegates to the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH), the cooperation agreement between OMSA and the World Veterinary Association (WVA) was signed.

Considering that WOAH is a global intergovernmental organization that coordinates responses to animal health emergencies, prevent zoonotic diseaseshealth, animal welfare, promoting greater access to animal health and balancing all of this with the WVA’s mission of providing global leadership to the veterinary profession, promoting health, animal welfare and public health, through advocacy, education and association; the importance of a strong public-private partnership is evidentin which WOAH and WVA complement each other and create synergies to achieve your goals and objectives mutual.

That is why The cooperation between WOAH and WVA was formalized in 2002 through an agreement that promotes the cooperation on issues of common interestincluding commitments to invite each other to participate as observers in relevant activities and international conferences to share views.


The IS the terms of reference in the agreement are periodically reviewed and that’s why this week to renew that cooperation agreement reflecting the interests of both parties i to further strengthen their cooperation in certain areas of activitywhere both parties have strong mutual interests, eg OneHealth, good management of veterinary services, veterinary education or veterinary paraprofessional training. Regarding OneHealththe agreement includes two specific areas of collaboration, antimicrobial resistance and rabies.

It also counts other main objectives that correspond to broad broad areas as they are: to encourage and assist the veterinary profession communication and collaboration with medical and other professions relating to health and the environment; help countries develop and communicate formal cooperation agreements between human health, veterinary and environmental services; support the start-up business OneHealth in the countries; Support better integration of veterinary services in projects and initiatives OneHealth at all levels, including legal frameworks to reduce the risk of and prevent future pandemics; facilitate collaboration and networking with experts, partners and other relevant actors to OneHealth and to carry out joint advocacy and awareness-raising activities to increase countries’ awareness of OneHealth.

From the WVA they emphasize that the WOAH is a fundamental interested party,” and this partnership agreement is an essential tool to ensure effective cooperation to advance the veterinary profession and standards of human, animal and environmental health worldwide.”

The signing ceremony was held on May 23, and he signed the document Monique EloitDirector General of OMSA, and Raphael Laguenspresident of the WVA.

The two presidents have signed the agreement.

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