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When can players be incorporated for Libertadores 2023? In what situation can new signatures be made?

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The best clubs on the continent dream every season to the Libertadores Cup, but once the group stage of the continental competition is over, only 16 are still on the road. For those who remain in the race for the most coveted trophy in South America, the competition gives him an opportunity to strengthen himself for the final stretch.

But, In what case can new signatures be made? At The Sporting News we present all the details below.

Schedule of the Copa Libertadores 2023

After three preliminary stages, the group stage began in the week of Wednesday 5 April. Once the crossing of the zones is complete, in the week of Wednesday, August 2, the round of 16 will begin with the two best teams from each group, a round trip similar to the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

The final, one game in mythical Maracana Brazilianwhich will take place on Saturday, November 4.

Can the same player play for two clubs in the Copa Libertadores?

The regulations of the Conmebol competitions were changed in 2020 to allows the same player to participate in two clubs in the same competition. Although the rule clarifies that he will not be able to do it in three, even if a footballer plays in one team, then participates in another and later returns to the first one.

The other caveat is that you cannot play for different clubs in the same stage. So if a footballer took part in the preliminary stage, he should wait for the groups to start to be able to take part in the competition with another shirt, and so on.

When can players be incorporated for Libertadores 2023?

In this edition of the Copa Libertadores, clubs will be able to substitute players in the round of 16 of the competition. It’s just a change up five players from the original list of up to fifty.

In quarter finalsaccording to the same criteria as in the previous stage, they can register through new players and the same amount of variation that will also be applied to the semi-finals. The only exception is the last version, for which substitutions are not allowed..

Goalkeeper change on the Copa Libertadores list

During any stage of the Copa Libertadores 2023, the replacement of an injured goalkeeper is considered, once the severity of the injury has been verified and confirmed by the Conmebol Medical Commission. Although this change will be permanent, that is to say that those retreatants who replaced them will not be able to unite again.

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