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Tina Turner’s long illness

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Generous to the end. Tina Turnerdied yesterday in his Swiss home At 83, she distinguished herself as a woman strong, survivor to the old abuse husband Ike and a sympathy overboard. They were the last years of the life of the queen of rock extremely complicated because his health had fallen to the known result. For the last ten years he had strokea Colorectal cancer, hypertension and chronic renal failure.

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Aware that there was no cure, the interpreter of What’s Love Got To Do With Ithe told his experience which has just been published on the Show your Kidneys Love website. Aware of the power of his image, he believed that the best way to contribute for people to take care of themselves who were telling their own story. When in 1978 he was diagnosed with hypertension he did not attach much importance to it. it was neglected and it was not put into the hands of professionals until 2009 suffered a stroke “because of my poorly controlled hypertension.”

“I put myself in great danger by refusing to accept that reality daily medication required for the rest of my life. I considered my body a bastion invincible and indestructible on too much time”.

He was placed in the hands of specialists to control the disease with uwithout proper medication, but it didn’t take long for side effects like tiredness, irritability and nausea. It was the second big mistake he made pay attention to a friend It was recommended by a French homeopath who promised that all these symptoms would disappear. Nothing could be further from the truth.

From that moment he began to control her, but already he had lost 35% of his kidney function. The diva explains “I didn’t tell my doctors about my experiment and, when it was my turn for the next routine check-up, I was looking forward to to see if there are homeopathic medicines I lowered my blood pressure and improved my kidney function. a few times in my life I was so wrong.” The doctors said so the damage was not irreversible because his organ function was reduced to a minimum. He considered. “How did I get to make treatment decisions on my own? If I had any idea of ​​the danger I was running, Alternative medicine would never have given me a chance.”

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The Swiss singer – she renounced her US citizenship – wanted to cool off in his impressive castle in Küsnacht, a small town near Zurich on the shore of the lake. at all times that was protected and loved by her husband, Erwin Bach (67), former executive of the IEA record label for Europe, though met in a German airport in 1985. Their bond was so special that they are instant love became. After 27 years of relationship they decided to marry civilly in 2013 in the presence of 120 guests, including his friends David Bowie, Giorgio Armani and Oprah Winfrey.

My husband didn’t want to lose me, he didn’t want any other woman, or any other life.

three weeks later suffered the stroke, in 2016 was diagnosed with cancer which caused physical and mental deterioration and, to make matters worse, had to undergo a month of dialysis. Tina explained “I realized that the fight was also for healing he always struggles to get accurate information. For example, I did not know that chronic kidney disease is called ‘the silent killer’ because of symptoms are not observed until 80% of the kidney tissue is lost.” And, precisely, hypertension is one of the most common causes of kidney failure.

in 2017 her husband donated one of his kidneys to her. As sometimes happens with these types of procedures, your body tried to reject the donor kidney, causing hospital admissions more and more often. “I kept feeling nauseous and dizzy, I was forgetting things and I was very scared.” In his autobiography my love story reported that because of this suffering consider euthanasia so he signed up for the list of the Swiss organization that guides people.

In another passage in the book he admitted that he had the thought of assisted suicide because “I didn’t want to lose my husband, he didn’t want any other woman, or any other life”.

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